Horrorfest 2006

Horrorfest 2006

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My wife and I have been loving the movies on FEARnet from Horrorfest 2006- Wicked Little Things totally creeped her out, The Hamiltons was incredible, I loved Penny Dreadful and Unrest. But where is Dark Ride?! I'm DYING to see that.

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Alright, really... penny dreadful was TERRIBLE. and so was wicked little things, I actually bought that movie to see it the first time and what a waste of money, I've seen some of dark ride and i would say dont bother with it.

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i watch after dark horrorfest every year. for 2006 i would recommend "Unrest" and "The Gravedancers".

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you will love Dark Ride, great movie, yeah unrest and penny dreadful were both good.

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