Can't delete a picture from my account/profile

Can't delete a picture from my account/profile

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Want to remove a pic on my account, I click on the delete hotlink under the pic, I get a blank box at the bottom of the page asking if I'm sure I want to delete the picture - other than the text of that question, the only thing in this faggot box is a small red x button, I click that and the box closes but the pic doesn't get deleted.  I swear to god, fuck this website.

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I feel your pain.  I tried for two days to delete a picture....In vain.


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i've had my probs with that too..i managed to do it by qunckly scolling up or down..if youre fast enuff youll sEE a box that says OK..funny thing is on my laptop the whole box shows up..hope this was helpfull..peace  SAK


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i've only needed to do it once but it worked, i clicked on add a picture then i clicked on browse to show all the pictures i have, it said delete under the picture i clicked on it and it disappeared it was just that easy. i hope that helps because that's all i can tell you if that doesn't work i have no idea why it worked for me... 'peace'

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Are you using Firefox?


I had the same problem but the minute I used IE instead it worked just fine. Maybe that'll help?


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great tip  IE worked .


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