makeup effects or cg effects ???

makeup effects or cg effects ???

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what do you like more makeup fake blood and created creature effects like rick baker. or cg effects where the actors just pretend something is there. for me its definitely makeup effects and created creatures like the werewolf in american werewolf in london, and the zombies from night of the living dead and other ramero films. or pumpkinhead that was just a guy in a costume but it was awesome. so what do you think ???

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ON the makeup effects it really has to depend on the artist in question.  As far as CG, if it's sci-fi CGI is preferred...If horror?  A good makeup artist never goes out of style..

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there is nothing i hate more in a movie than bag cgi, it ruins the whole  movie for me. Great makeupe effects are the way to go. I turn off most movie with cgi, most of the cgi that we get tossed at is so bad its like watching a cartoon, and that blows the whole movie to hell.


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thanks i'm glad you both feel the same way i do, horror has always been my favorite but scifi is a close second, i always say ramero is the best because he uses the best makeup effects people in the business. and he tries to use cgi as little as possible making the movie more realistic. and as for scifi i agree cgi and green screens are pretty much a necessity, but i hate cgi aliens costumes and puppets always look better, and aliens starships and shit blowing up left and right is just plain awesome i always get a kick out of that. yeah bubah bad effects do make you lose interest in the movie and lots of times those monsters do look like cartoons, nothing beats a person in a costume or some kind of created monster something actors can physically interact with. except for ghosts of course because ghosts can't collect a paycheck lol.... 'peace'

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CGI is good for effects that would pose a risk for an actor however special effects done with prosetics and the like are good as well since we have come a long way in their overall looks.

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Hey! Makeup effects!!! Prosthetic makers, and makeup artists are just that, Artists! When you put that kind of pride, and workmanship into something, the final product really stands out! Not dissin' the CGI guys, but, when you put an "old school" effects movie next to one with computer graphics, you CAN tell the difference. My opinion, makeup effects win out!         Later!        Kaboom

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definitely kaboom makeup effects are the best no question. and did i mention ramero is awesome.. yeah you guessed it i just watched night of the living dead again... their coming to get you 'peace'

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I'm in favor of make-up doing what it can and then CGI taking over.  If I can get away with just using make-up, I'll do that because its cheaper, but if CGI is required, then I won't shy away from it either.

Best example I can think of is Laid to Rest of CGI and make-up making a great tag team is the movie Laid to Rest.  There are certain things that CGi can't do, and certain things make-up can't do.  Personally, when the two work in tandem, it creates something awesome.

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oh yeah green screens are cool creating a false backgrounds awesome trick, and simulated gun fire explosions bullets hitting people on screen, all that's just awesome i just hate fake looking cgi monsters american werewolf in paris looked like shyt. the best movie would be old school makeup with a cgi background like land of the dead silent hill resident evil and many others, makeup always looks real like its actually there, so yeah i agree if i made a movie i'd use both makeup and green screens. 'peace'

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The thing with CGI is that it's this newer process that they haven't completely perfected. It seems as of this moment it's trying to render thing as smoothly as possible which is great because it will eventually lead to better movie effects overall.

However when they're relying on makeup, the effects tend to move in unnatural ways that lend to the overall creepy tone of the film. A dismembered hand crawling across the floor using CGI will always have uniform movement, it will always looke relataively the same in every shot. A special effect hand however will be placed in every shot, with every twitch of the fingers being purposefully manipulated lending a slightly more disturbing feel.The effects hand will get dirty, itll interact with the environment rather being superimposed on a background...Does that make sense?

So for now special effects is still the best way to handle these things. CGI has limitless possiblities but when considering how its still really in its infancy the choice is simple.

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There is nothing better than a butt load of corn syrup, died crimson and about six swines worth of pig intestine................I do like CGI, when it's used to "touch up" a movie......but that's about as far as it goes.....for this FREAK.


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