makeup effects or cg effects ???

makeup effects or cg effects ???

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what do you like more makeup fake blood and created creature effects like rick baker. or cg effects where the actors just pretend something is there. for me its definitely makeup effects and created creatures like the werewolf in american werewolf in london, and the zombies from night of the living dead and other ramero films. or pumpkinhead that was just a guy in a costume but it was awesome. so what do you think ???

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Make up effects for sure. But the new fred kruger looks cg, doesn't he?

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I haven't quite put my bladed finger on it yet, but there IS something weird looking about the new "Freddy" .................It may just be the lack of Robert Englund, though........

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Rick Baker is a god in my book. I love the work he has done. I think that monsters made with CGI look fake. But now a guy in a costume that you can reach out and touch is more scarey. I like CGI in some cases. Like in Freddy VS. Jason, The Kills were CGI and i thought that was cool same thing with FD 1 2 And 3 if its done that way i loke it but bottom line you got to have a guy in a Costume.

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Make-up all the way.  That's how horror movies were first started and they've only gotten better with time.   I can't stand the cg effects.  It looks so fake, it takes away from the whole movie.  I understand the cg effects are needed at times, but less is better.  I will always take the make-up before cg.

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I definately feel that cgi has ruined the movie industry, when it started it was cool right, because there wasnt that much of it but now days every movie that is SUPPOSED to be good is filled with it. They take it too far, making so many impossible things happen on screen. What really makes a movie good for me is the possibility that it could happen, not impossible stunts and crap like that.

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Absolutely makeup effects...three of my heroes are Rick Baker, Rob Bottin, and Tom Savini.

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Depends on the genre to me.  If anyone has the remake of dawn of the dead check out the special has some cool stuff on how the blow up zombie heads and how the do different stuff in the movie pretty cool.

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Baker is great and so is Nicetero.....

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Make up completely.

I think CGI is useful, but my own personal preference has been a good make up artist for horror and CGI for matter that would be difficult if not impossible to create via use of prosthetics and other common staples.  In my opinion, it looks a bit more genuine and believeable.

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makeup by far, Has anyone NOT watched morning sci fi original movies? Annoying


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