Need some Movie Help

Need some Movie Help

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Was thinking about a movie the other day but can't remember the title.  It had Keiffer Southerland in it and that chick from the Legally Blonde movies (I should at least remeber her name, but it's slipped me).  Anyways, Southerland is like I psychiatrist that picks up a female hitch-hiker who's run away from home (bc of her abusive parents).  Even though Southerland seems like a nice guy, he's actually a serial killer.  He attacks the girl, gets messed up to the point he's in a wheel-chair with his jaw wired shut.  Brooke Shields I think is Southerlands wife.  Either way he recovers and he and the cops start looking for this girl who really just fought back in self defense.  Nobody believes her, she goes to prison, makes a lesbian friend, they kill a couple of guards; escape and then the chick kills Southerland after he finds her again and then the cops finally believe her.

Does anybody know what this movie was called?

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I believe the movie you are referring too is FREEWAY 1997, peace!!!AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!can't remember the chicks name , v. hot!!!Yell

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Yes, I remember that movie. It was suppose to be a modern Little Red Riding Hood. And it is definately titled Freeway.

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Freeway 1996.jpg


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The googlefu is strong with this group.


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That movie was outrageous!!  Reese really messed up Keifer in that movie.  I thought it was pretty good.  Reese was sure a spitfire in that movie.


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