True blood hate it or love it

True blood hate it or love it

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I know that the vampire genre is being made into a romance genre about a vampire trying to live an ordinary life bringing me to having mixed feelings about true blood it bores me nothing is in the series to really get me excited about it like my favorite supernatural all tho Jason Stack house is my favorite character it lacks suspence,thrill,adventure and scary parts also the battle with marrian should have been more compelling and had a better end i hope they make it better by season 3 but i have little hope

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Anyone can comment i need a new discussion 

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I really like the show. I've been reading the books for years and I think Alan Ball is doing a great job with the show.

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I've read all the books to date and they are just fun to read.  The seasons of the show seem to only follow one plot line from the books  per season. The first season of the show, I was a lil bit dissapointed. But the second season, I thought was way better.
Vampires are shown too much as romantic figures. I completely agree on that. I can't find someone taking my blood as hot. I can see the symbolism of it, but still. I love the vampires that you really wouldn't want to take home to mommy.

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i love trublood i have read the first 4 books and cant get enough of the series

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Hey to each their, I love it....Peace...Joe

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I haven't read the books, I didnt want to have to make the comparison between the books and the series. Ultimately everytime a book makes the leap to the big screen I am disappointed.

As far as the series goes though I've really enjoyed it, although I'm so tired of Bill, how many times can he say 'Souki' in a single sentnece? And he always uses the same tone.....Souki...Souki....Souki.....Can't get the terrible Bill voiceout of my head!

Other than that I think the supporting cast is where the series is strongest, Sam's backstory was great, and caused a lot of speculation amongst my friends.

And Eric, there's a story waiting to be told.The scene where Godric's crouched over him as he lays dying and invites him to become a vampire is one of the best I can recall from any series or film in recent memory.

Souki's character is incredibly medoicre (no offense to Anna Paquin) but that seems to happen when you have an ensemble cast, the main characters tend to become more of a driving mechanism moving the story forward rather than points of interest.

Jason's entertaining, and lightens up the overall tone of the series, though I'd like to see him move into a more mature light, and honestly he made the entire first season worth watching.

With characters like Andy,Tara, Lafayette and Terry (c'mon the scene where hes fishing and Sam goes racing by nude was priceless.) providing support the series has enough to keep even the most attention deficit disordered person watching.

The overall idea of Vampires and other supernaturals trying to integrate into mainstream society isn't new, however the way it's presented is very entertaining. I mean c'mon who can be an angry vampire all the time? After a few years of being all dead and having to drink other people you're gonna want the distractions of a lawn and garden.

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I LOVE True Blood! I love the writing (I find it hilarious at times), the acting, the storylines, and all of the technical aspects like lighting, makeup,  direction, and cinematography- all of it is awesome! I have never read the books though I hear they are pretty damn good. I don't have cable but am able to watch at my friend's house when she records it on her DVR. So I am actually behind this season- all but for the first episode...but yeah- True Blood kicks ass in my opinion.

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Personally, I can't make a full judgement. I saw one episode and hated it, haven't seen it since. I have lots of friends who greatly enjoy it, but the entire genre of the vampire sensation I'm ambivalent on. Tired of the great media scene on it, the entire romance on vampires, the waves of fanatic teenage fans, but I do greatly enjoy vampires as they are.

So, do I hate or love the show? I'd say I just don't care for it.

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oh ok horror me its jus that the show lacks bite and a plot that wraps and keeps my eyes glued to the screen


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