Whats a movie you wished you didn't watch

Whats a movie you wished you didn't watch

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1.The village because the plot was just retarded

2.Ginger snaps 1&2 c'mon the movies both put me in a bad mood especially each ending

3.The strangers the mood was sabotaged by the constant flash backs and dull horror element

4.The boogie man 1,2,3 the first one was a little creepy but the second had no monster it was the doctor lame the third film had a CG monster super lame and fake very very fake

those are the bad movies i remember

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i wish i had never seen knock knock..

it had bad editing and the story was just well retarded


maybe if they had better actors and a better

script it wouldnt have been so bad

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See we all fall for movies that we think may be scary


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FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD... it sucked donkey dong. How long can you watch people chased by zombies on a commercial airplane? The whole premice was crap. And they made the mistake of trying to explain how the dead came back. Im a big zombie fan but this one put me off for awile.

bloodprince's picture

lol first snakes on a plane now zombies what has the world come to


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I wish I never saw Snakes on a Plane, and now, ZOMBIES ON A PLANE!! WHAT THE HELL!?!

* http://www.plane-dead.com/

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drag me to hell







cradle will fall



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Killjoy. Lamest evil clown ever.

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Every new scary movie remake tey totally fuck them up and kill the storyline.


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FEAST 2  i was actually liking the movie up til the baby seen , i was holding my grandson a lil before that seen and it disturbed me to the point i couldnt watch it anymore .

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that one scene made you not like the movie horrors ment to disgust you but that scene must have been something else



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