Whats a movie you wished you didn't watch

Whats a movie you wished you didn't watch

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1.The village because the plot was just retarded

2.Ginger snaps 1&2 c'mon the movies both put me in a bad mood especially each ending

3.The strangers the mood was sabotaged by the constant flash backs and dull horror element

4.The boogie man 1,2,3 the first one was a little creepy but the second had no monster it was the doctor lame the third film had a CG monster super lame and fake very very fake

those are the bad movies i remember

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I would have to say Franken hooker, I will never get that time back

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fraken hooker its about a sawn together hooker is it sounds like a humor movie by the name

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I'm usually open to watching any movie just for the sake of seeing it except for musicals, dramas, and love comedys. After watching Godzilla 1998, I wish I didn't.

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The Village

Alien vs. Predator

Tremors 4

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House of the Dead is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.90 minutes of my life I will never get back.

I'm just glad I didn't waste on money of this movie (just borrowed it) because if I did I would still be kicking myself.


Paranormal Craptivity. Too much shit to get into. I actually want to attack the director. DRECK !

The STRANGERS. I and everyone I hang with would feed them their tongues. Inept victims and even more inept serial killers.

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The Blair Witch Project. It was NOT scary, it was not even remotely interesting. And I really didn't need up close shots of a chick's runny nose. eeeewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anything Jan Michael Vincent is or was in...The movie I've always been mad I watched the whole thing waiting for sumthin to happen and never did was a movie called Season of the Witch..oldest brother-in-law figured out I was a horror head and b-grade freak so he always brought movies to watch..he found that one and we both waited and waited and waited....Peace..Joe

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The Village-but I will put it in the dvd player for background noise to fall asleep to lol!

The Wicker Man-whoa that one was pretty damn lame.

Open Water-Finding Nemo was more interesting lol.

Halloween 3:Season Of The Witch-no Michael Myers in it...way lame!

Dracula's Guest-umm...I thought the Count is supposed to be tall, thin, and gothic sexy.  Not in this one-and the girl who played Mina had the valley girl tone in her voice..."Like,oh my gawd-it's like Dracula."


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