Whats a movie you wished you didn't watch

Whats a movie you wished you didn't watch

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1.The village because the plot was just retarded

2.Ginger snaps 1&2 c'mon the movies both put me in a bad mood especially each ending

3.The strangers the mood was sabotaged by the constant flash backs and dull horror element

4.The boogie man 1,2,3 the first one was a little creepy but the second had no monster it was the doctor lame the third film had a CG monster super lame and fake very very fake

those are the bad movies i remember

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night of the living dead. i watched the first 5 minutes, and then i turned to the history channel. 

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Actually, depending on the programming the History Channel can be pretty horrific if you hit it at just the right time!Tongue out I suppose that's better than what I did when watching Night of the Living Dead. Fell asleep 3 TIMES trying to watch that thing before I finally managed to stay awake and watch it to the end.

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yeah, the history channel on the week of halloween in the shizz

and another movie that i didn't need to see was prom night, the remake. it was just... dumb. and so was my super psycho sweet sixteen on mtv. that was a horrible movie.

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For me the list is actually huge. 95% of remakes, 60% of sequels, any M. Night Shyamalan movie, and Transformers. I know that last one's not horror but it was to me. Michael Bay, why are you trying to ruin everything from my childhood?!?

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The Burrowers: I just watched it yesterday on FEARnet,  It is a cowboy horrer flick,filmed in the dark when anything happens...

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The last Winter

Like I said in another post, keep your global warming propaganda shit out of my horror movies!


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The strangers, Zombie Nation, and a few different low-budget J-horror films (can't recall the names, but they came in a box set). Some of the most boring/worst horror movies out there.

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I hated The Happening. Zooey Deschanel acts about as good as a zucchini. The plot was bad, the acting was bad, the movie was bad.


M. Night Shamalamadingdong has lost his touch. A way over-rated director and a sorry flick. IMO.

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I just remembered one, called the 13th Child, it was a low bugdet straight to video flick about the Jersey Devil, and it sucked so bad on so many levels. I don't know if any one even heard of it.

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Just me, but I'd rather watch a straight to DVD flick that has a 50/50 chance of blowing, than one touted as great and was in the theaters and sucked hard.

There are a lot of gems to be found in DVDs that never saw the theaters, and a lot of suck to be found in ones that did.


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