Favorite 70's Euro-horror Films

Favorite 70's Euro-horror Films

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That is, films made in Europe during the 1970's with horror/violence elements. My faves (at least, the ones I can think of right now) - "Thriller: A Cruel Picture", "Malabimba The Malicious Whore", "House With Laughing Windows", "Requiem For A Vampire", "Living Dead Girl", "Who Can Kill A Child?", "The Beast", "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie", "Ilsa: She-Wolf Of The SS", "Grapes Of Death"

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I will start with of course dracula thats euro I know it's not horror but it still is sadistic Clock Work Orange is a fucking great and sick euro movie i'm into like trainspotting,sid and nancy all though thats not 70's i like those euro drug movies they are so great.

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GOTTA LOVE MID 70'S GIALLO..and as such here are some tasty tidbits to whet your appetite

EYEBALL--gotta love scoopin out eyes

THE WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO SERIES=SOLANGE..YOUR DAUGHTERS--lotsa BUSH and knives to crotches..wholesome( hole-some???) entertainment


DONT TORTURE A DUCKLING--twisted FULCI giallo/splatter

GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE--under appreciated vampire rape/gore Euro-Cine production

BLUE MOVIE-rape,scat,violence,abuse..gotta luv those Italians (1978??)

GOODBYE UNCLE TOM(1978)--from the fine folks who brought you MONDO CANE....about as racist and disturbing as any flick about slavery ever dared to be...I dare you to watch it and not be affected!!(...BTW..I will be posting a DVD review of this flick soon )




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Tombs Of The Blind Dead - Return of the Evil dead - Burial Ground -Dracula 1972 AD -Zombie - Sussperia- Fury of the Wolfman-The house that Dripped Blood- From Beyond the grave-The Vampires Night Orgy - The Wickerman - Hunchback of the Morgue- The Dunwich Horror - Vengence Of the Zombies- The Mummys Revenge-The Hanging Woman - Tales from the crypt (72) seeya

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Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox, anything by Fulci

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