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Saw this flick when I was younger. Watched it again last night because nothing else was on. How many sequels did this movie have? Are there any better Ouji board related movies that are a bit better?  Seems like the fabled board of long forgotten lore, has lost it's appeal in the modern horror genre.

I know the tales are so fictitious and fantastic, but sometimes it's good to be afraid of something you don't understand or just figure doesn't exist.

Anyone going to play with one this Halloween? Just bored so I'm asking.

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yeah there's other movies out there like that nothing to bragg about though, their all pretty much the same movie people use the board and evil spirits kill them. the syfy channel just showed a ouija board movie with alysa duschu last month, it was so bad i couldn't finish watching it. and i believe in ghosts so no i'd never use a ouija board. call me crazy superstitious or both but that's some shit you shouldn't play with seriously.. 'peace'

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I've only seen one thing happen with one once and it was in a haunted house.  Never got results after that.  Anyone up for a friendly dare this Halloween? Lets see if some people try it and get any results.  Sounds, lame, but could be a lot of fun.  Any takers??

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hell no i Surpriseduesd one once and the demon married me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DONT DO IT!!

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I remember that movie when I was kid too. They would show it on Skinamax late at night. I would sneak downstairs and watch it as my parents slept. Tawny Kitean helped me as a young man in my more frustrating of years.


I’d never touch Ouija board myself. My mom told me a story she and her sisters used one once and suddenly the planchette shot across the room hit the wall and every open door in the house slammed shut all at once. After that she never wanted to be near one and growing up she never allowed one in the house while she lived with us.


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good movie played with the ouji when i was a teen my friends and i would go to the cemetary late at nite and use one but havent used one since.

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i've seen them both, and actually own both... (don't be jealous)


unless i am completely missing something, i dont remember alot of sex/skin showing in either...well i mean no more then a normal horror movie?  couldnt imagine it being on skinamax, but sounds good either way!!


there is another quija board movie i can't think of the name, but i remember seeing it when i was younger, and the only reason i bought the witchboard movies was because i thought those were the movies i was thinking of, but they werent... oh well, they are all worth watching in my mind. :)

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HAd great fun with this flic love that nut Tawnee Katane

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i am jealous lynzcar05. i cant find them anywhere. i think they made 3 of them tho. not 100% sure tho. im thinking that movie Grim is about a ouji board, i think thats what brings the monster. been a while since i seen it but im pretty sure its a ouji board.

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