Halloween Cemetery Spells and Other Harmless Fun

Halloween Cemetery Spells and Other Harmless Fun

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Just for the record, does anyone know of any cemetery related spells or legends related to Halloween that basically aren't intended to kill, harm or maim specific individuals? I want to check out some historic cemeteries this Halloween but I guess I should have some underlying purpose other then just looking at some historic / artistic tombstones.  I'm fresh out of ideas here.

I know in Mexico, they leave like flowers and food and stuff in the cemeteries for good luck.  Anybody got some new ideas?

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I ain't got a clue where to go ,but would love to come along for the crack, I could knock up some soup and sing some songs, tell a few stories!!!!Peace!!!AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhYell

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When I was younger there was a cemetery way up on top of a hill not far from where I lived. A buddy & I would hike up there late at night and try to freak ourselves out with scary stories and stuff on the way. There was this big gravestone shaped like an open book on a pedestal. One time we decided to sign the book, so we took a magic marker and signed our names into it. The hill was often foggy, and it was out in the woods, so the whole experience was pretty creepy. Then we got the idea to bring other non-suspecting friends up there for the same reason, but we only told them we were taking them to "sign the Book". The suspense they would feel from us guiding them up a big hill, through a forest, into a cemetery, and up to a giant stone book which they signed their name into really left an impression on most of them. Some would blow it off as not that scary, but later my buddy & I would hear through third parties that they had been raving to their other friends about this freaky trip to a cemetery they took.

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There is an old cemetery just inside pa border from newark DE that dates back to the 1700's. The graves are very old and it is actually part of tyhe white clay creek preserve.Not just at halloween but on any given night you can see orbs there.The abandoned houses are 300 years olsd as well.It is an awsomew place to go to at night and walk around, take pictures or tell stories.Right next to it in the woods is an idian burial ground and many trails through the woods.

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You probably already know about this place, but it’s the only one I know of, Marie Laveau’s tomb in New Orleans, Louisiana. You know Marie, right? She was (and still is) a very famous voodoo priestess. Anyway, the St. Louis #1 Cemetery is where the voodoo priestess was supposedly laid to rest. I say supposedly because there’s some dispute about if Marie Laveau is actually buried there. Nevertheless, it’s said that if you visit the tomb of Marie Laveau and mark 3 X’s on her tomb, she will grant you one wish. Oh, and I think people hold some sort of celebration every year in honor of Marie Laveau. I’m pretty sure the celebration is held in New Orleans, I just don’t know when it’s held.

* Haunted Cemeteries: http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/toptenhaunted/toptenhauntedcemeteries/

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i wouldnt use spells at a cemetary, thats just bad luck and i wouldnt mess with it. but if your looking into old cemetarys on halloween it shouldnt be hard to find something without the use of "spells".

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FINDING THEM IS NOT THE PROBLEM nor was it the question.

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No, I don't know. I don't use anything when browsing cemetaries....I just like to stroll through them and check out the names and dates.

Is there something I should be using?

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Well, I don't think that people HAVE to use anything but typically when I do that particular holiday excursion / stroll, I'll leave some bread or muffins hidden somewhere within the cemetary gates.  I've left other stuff like flowers before, on a gravesite that has been neglected.

In a way I wish the cemeteries could be more openly used for Halloween like they are in other countries.  It's not the same going during the day as it is at night and if you live in a densly populated area, you know the cops will be patroling and arresting anyone they find in a cemetery at night (even if your not disrespecting anything).

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true but it shouldnt matter something can always go wrong and the last place that should be in is a cemetary. bad luck.

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