Anybody see that new zombie movie with Woody Harrelson?

Anybody see that new zombie movie with Woody Harrelson?

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Has anybody seen the new zombie movie with Woody H.? Critics are giving it great reviews claiming it ranks right up there with Shaun Of The Dead.  Any input?

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that movie was awesome

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ZombieLand was amazing !!!


Zombieland was excellent and I disagree with comparisons to the "greatness" of SHAUN. Shaun is great, dry British humor, artfully crafted. I enjoyed it, I NEVER laughed out loud. Zombie land is more American humor ala Abbott and Costello and even the STOOGES. I DID laugh out loud. Both Equal but its like comparing wine and beer. Both are alcohol, both have their strengths according to taste, both are different and only a SNOB would look down at one over the other.





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not as great as i thought it was gonna be, but it was a bit entertaining

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Saw it with my Dad in the theater and bought it as soon as it came out on DVD.  LOVE that movie.  Bill Murray is his usual brill self as is Woody H.  My husband has even watched it with me and actually laughed - you have NO idea how rare that is!  Yeah, very cool movie - and it is cult classic material!

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It was just OK to me. I thought it relied to much on star power with Woody and the Bill Murray cameo than it did on substance. I know it was meant to be funny and parts were, but not that funny to me.

Shaun Of The Dead whips it's ass IMO, and I didn't like that movie that much.

I like my horror, and I don't take kindly to it being satirized, lol. Liked both films, but neither were anything special to me.

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Saw it quite awhile ago.  It was friggin' AWESOME.  I loved the zombie rules for survival( any true horror fan already knows these) and the everlasting quest to find a twinkie.  There's also going to be a sequel.  Already ready and waiting for it to come out.  This movie will definately be going into my collection.


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