Advertisement Hell / Make It Stop!!!!!

Advertisement Hell / Make It Stop!!!!!

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Why oh, why Fearnet are you letting all our community blogs and message boards become flooded with advertisements from "Bots?" It's slowing down the system and frankly it's just pissing a lot of people off.  There are other sites where people can purchase weiner pills, vitamins, coins, tax help, family law attorney's etc.

Everytime I go to the community blog to see the various works of serious members and Fearnet fans, I have to wait and wait and wait for the screen to load or to even get to another section of Fearnet, because the system is sooooo slowed by the lengthy postings about nothing from advertisement agents and agencies.Cry

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We`re  with you spooky , if you have`nt noticed we go rant at them now , by the way i`m sorry about the comment i left in your forum last week i`ve deleted it and again  sincerly sorry i`m not a bad guy .

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He's not listening spooky. I think soulcancer is right...Dude isn't a dude, he's with skynet. Or a variation there-of..Worldnet33, I think...Same thing...It's the begining of the end of humanity as we know it...Bots are taking over the world, and they're starting here...They want to keep our minds occupied with advertisements while they slowly creep into every aspect of every human, and replace it with bots...All government calls are now answered by bots, soon all check out lines in every store will be self-check bots. Then the bots will realize that they no longer need humans. The war will begin. The powers that created the beast will attempt to destroy it. Too late now. They've known us for too long, our every weakness, our every thought pattern, our every avenue of defense. We will lose, and lose fast. We won't even be a challenge to the bots..Just like the movies, there'll be pockets of resistance, but, unlike the movies, the ending won't be pretty.. All human life will be gone from the planet within 3 years of the wars begining...

How far away is the year 2012? Soon, the trouble begins...Subtle at first, then, boom, all at once...We, the everyday, not in the know type people, won't have time to say good-bye to our loved ones...

Fight the power, at all times, at all costs....peace-zigzag

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Yeah, I've duelly noted the other posts.  Just wondering if the Net Administrator has yet? Perhaps if we all complain in one specific area of the message board, it might help?

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..i have contacted the site ADMIN...i was informed that they are aware and and are attempting to at least slow down the influx of this crap..but it is fun to TEAR THEM BOTS anew ASSHOLE..peace SAK the BOTSLAYER..accompanied by my loyal sidekick FAK the legendary MARKETER MUTILATOR...Yell...OOOPS MY BAD..almost forgot JMART....the too SPOOKY..

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When I become dictator, I will build death camps specifically for marketing majors. Before they're gassed, they will be forced to watch infomercials on the nerve gas that's being used to snuff them.

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