Movie Review: The Wizard of Gore

Movie Review: The Wizard of Gore

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At the onset I thought this movie would be a dissappointment. As usual, I was wrong.  The whole plot center's around a magazine writer, his affinity for the goth culture and his explorations into parties and shows that brink on the macabre. 

Guy goes to see a gory magic show, he sees people systematically dismantled, burned, tortured and just when the audience starts to freak..........the people appear to be whole again.  Less then 24 hours later though, the random volunteers that were picked from the audience to be the victims in the show, become victims in the real world and die in ghastly similiar fashions as what took place during the mind-freak magic show.  However, the county coroner (the writer's best friend) and the cops can't seem to link the bodies and evidence to any magic show known or participants there-of.

The writer starts to go crazy.  He starts to investigate on his own and tries to help the coroner pin-point who the mysterious magician REALLY is. In the end (and of course through-out the movie), other details and methodologies become apparent: The female victims are strippers or hookers, hallucinogenics plays a large part in the mass delusion OF illusion and the writer just starts to learn too much for his own good. All events seem to circle around the search for fresh writing ideas, a need for some sense of inner awareness (good or bad), a need to feel something shocking in a world that has become desensitized, a strange homeless guy who eats live bugs / rats and an effort to catch a mysterious murderer (which just keeps throwing everyone for a loop).

It's got a decent amount of gore, a lot of mystery, a pretty good plot and surprises into the very end of the film.  I thought it was Spooktacular! Especially for a low budget film.


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Original with Ray Sager or remake with Crispin Glover?

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It was the 2007 (newer version).

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it's not among my favs. i do have to admit that this is one remake i like better then the original.


I prefer the original as the magician, it was hinted was an otherwordly hygpnotist and more. They would show you what the audience saw, a smple magicians act, to what the victims were experiencing, incredible pain and torture and a twisted madman. The newer version tried too hard and started to become too convoluted. Glover was the only great thing in the flick for me but otherwise the new one was a letdown. I was hoping for a step above as the original was kinda cheesey but it just went "left instead of up". The original seemed to use animal parts for the torture scenes cause that looked like real meat ground up and cut to me.

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There is a movie distributed by Troma Entertainment called Blood Sucking Freaks that is a very good hommage to Wizard Of Gore.

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I hated the remake. I hate most remakes.  With few exceptions and this wasn't one. 

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I've only seen the orignal..but your review is a good one..if I get a chance i'll check it out...blood sucking freaks does a good job...those Troma movies aren't for every I can't get enough of them them Barbaian Style Movies...really spooky that was a great review..I feel I've allready seen it..well I guess I have lol...Peace...Joe

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the original was a classic but i havent seen the remake. i love the gore from the original bc it was so badly done it just made it all the more better. if you havent seen it you need to. its absolutely a classic.

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