What are you guys watching tonight?

What are you guys watching tonight?

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 Weekend movies, yayyyy!!!  What is everybody watching or listening to tonight? Hopefully something scary.

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I just watched Martin,  now Im gonna go take a walk while its getting dark and mull that over,   then its time to bust out this DVD I got last week with two 80s movies, THE FOREST and DONT GO IN THE WOODS, have a few beers and listen to ON THE SHORES by IHSAHN on repeat,   maybe watch DINOCROC VS SUPERGATOR, since i recorded that....  how about you?

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I picked up Repo Man, so maybe that one

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Still on the fence about renting Shutter Island.  Little tired of Leo after Inception's deserved-hype, but Scorcese can do no wrong.

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Well enjoythesilence I recommend Shutter it was very good and you will enjoy the TWIST in the story.

I know its LEO LOL but it really is a good flick!

i Saw Its Complicated its not horror and it is adult comedy BUT  its hilarious! Very fun

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I'll be watching Clash of the Titans tonight and I'm renting Kick Ass tomorrow! Kick Ass just looks so stupid it might be funny!!

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Watched Clash,,,,,,,,ahem,,,,,,,,first one was far better,,,,,,,,,,just saying lol

Kisk Ass is supposed to be reallly good! So when you see it review it for us k X

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I luv'd the old one, so I'm not going in with any expectations!!

I'll put something up after I see Kick Ass!

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For sure Lifeforce and mebbe Plan 9 From Outer Space..if not that Last of the Mohicans..


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