what big name stars would you like to see in a horror film ?

what big name stars would you like to see in a horror film ?

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it doesn't matter who or what kind of movies or tv shows they stared in except for reality shows you can add musicians as well. so who would you pick ?????? i'll just say scarlet johanson for starters because i've never seen her in a horror film, henry rollens needs to be in more horror films, and ozzy osborn would be awesome as a vampire. i have lots more but lets hear your picks ????

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I'd also like to see Henry Rollens (forgive my spelling on these now following) in more horror.  J. Combs in ALL horror (by the way he's in Dunwich Horror too and the new version of Wizard of Gore), A. Hopkins, J. Travolta, more Ron Perlman, more Rob Zombie and Sherri Moon (obviously), Ice-Cube, the chick that played in Jackie Brown and Coffee, uuuhhmmnnnnn Edward Nortan, DMX, Geoffry Rush (from newer version of House on Haunted Hill..........dude looked like V.Price). I'm sure I'll think of more later! 


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OH Henry Rollins is awesome! hahaa! Yes- more of him for sure. Billy Zane had my heart when I first saw him in "Demon Knight"- I would love to see him in more horror movies. He plays an awesome psychomonkey! hahaa! As far as musicians go (other than Rollins), Nina Hagen would be a good choice- she is a crazy person! hahaa! She has that B-horror movie look everyday! Plus just her personality would fit a horror film. I also think the lead singer of Rammstein would make a great murderer. His look is kinda creepy all on it's own..heheh. I think Ozzy would be a good vampire, as you've said, Ghoulish. But I could never take him seriously! He would fit in a more campy vampire role- like with a bunch of catchphrases- he'd be awesome in a role like that! hahaa!


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i wouldnt want to see ANY big name stars in a horror film because:

1. it would go from being a potentially awesome movie to an overmarketed, overproduced, family-friendly, comic-relief/romance hollywood piece of dog shit.

2. see above.


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oh hell no i'm not talking about pg 13 or any family bullshit, i'm talking about a hard core gory horror flick. ya know something low budget and kick ass like the original night of the living dead. land of the dead had big name stars and i thought that was awesome, anything by ramero is awesome anyway. i just asked this question because people are always bitching saying the acting sucks in horror movies, i was curious to hear what those people had to say. ok then how about ozzy as a zombie ??? i'm losing interest in vampires hollywood is making them to friendly, their supposed to vicious killers not your buddy it bores me to death. so demonic possession and zombies are my all time favorites, i'd like to see more big stars in those kind of movies. 'RATED R ONLY' we need more gory off the wall crazy horror movies, some end of the world nobody makes it out alive type shit. what do you think ??? 'peace'


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Jake Gyllenhal but I'd like to see him in anything so...

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He's probably dead now...but one of his relatives will suffice.  I'm talking about Bear...from B.J. and the Bear.

I'd like to see him in one of those Faces of Death flicks...you know; where the showed that group eating monkey brains.  Only this time, when they lock them little, defenseless primates into that table...he bursts in and saves the day!

Perturbed Pistol Packing Primate


That's right Mother Fuckers...I've got opposable thumbs too...and I know how to use them!!!



Hey johbai, If that monkey was shootin' shirtless. . . . he may have been a redneck! (apologies to any rednecks. . . . . . or monkeys that were offended.) I would like to see a movie highlighting LEATHERFACE BUT MORE VIOLENT, MORE CRAZED, SEXUALLY PERVERTED and halfway through the movie HE GETS UNMASKED AND HAS TO FINISH THE MOVIE IN HIS OWN IDENTITY AND HE IS . . . . . MR.RODGERS. And as he continues to stalk and torture and pervert, he's singing his old tune about a beautiful day in the neighborhood. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . waddaya think ? SOLID GOLD, NO ? An INSTANT horror classic!

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Not bad Hellfighter...the premise is pretty sound...but...

If I were looking for a homicidal maniac...who is definately a "little light in the loafers" so to say (my apologies to any red necks and monkeys...LOL...oh; and gay people...who I have nothing against mind you...so don't go crying to Al Sharpton...uh-oh...now I have to apologize to the black community...my bad.  But I digress...

If I were looking for that role to be filled...I go a different way...with a more method actor in mind.

Ladies and gentlemen...I give you your next Leatherface...

I give you... 

The real johbai

I'd like to thank the Academy...uh...Mr. Tobe Hooper...uh....Mr. Edward Gein; whom without, this whole project wouldn't have been possible...

Peace out yall!!!!!

How about a little tongue.jpg

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You forgot to offend women. Go ahead, no one will be angry. =]

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I'll tell you who I just recently saw in a horror movie that blew me away, Val Kilmer! Yeah he played a scientist/ecoactivist in the movie "The Thaw", I would never imagined Kilmer in a horror movie.



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