what big name stars would you like to see in a horror film ?

what big name stars would you like to see in a horror film ?

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it doesn't matter who or what kind of movies or tv shows they stared in except for reality shows you can add musicians as well. so who would you pick ?????? i'll just say scarlet johanson for starters because i've never seen her in a horror film, henry rollens needs to be in more horror films, and ozzy osborn would be awesome as a vampire. i have lots more but lets hear your picks ????

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After seeing Stewie KICKIN' Brians ass cause he wanted his money. . . . I have a feeling Stewie is more than half way there. . . . but you have my vote. . . Giggity. . .


In THE THAW which was pretty good, Kilmer is interviewed in the special features and reveals that he is pretty much an asswipe. He claims he knows "dedicated heroes" like the character he portrays in the movie, you know, the guy who is willing to kill a large portion, if not all, of the population of the world INCLUDING ANIMALS cause no one will take immediate action on what he says. He identifies with the character. I SAY we can do some good to the carbon footprint if Kilmer would take himself out. Less oxygen used, no Hollywood actor jetsetting. Shame such a talented guy is an idiot.

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Unfortunately Hellfighter...when you see them in interviews without scripts; there are alot of idiots in the movie industry.  But, it's a good thing they are in the industry; so they have words to speak scripted for them...so you don't really know what morons some of them really are.  Of course...if they weren't...we wouldn't have those entertaining blooper out takes, now would we?

But...I myself don't have that problem...since I am an intellectual prodigy....

The prolific johbai at work

And I'd be even more of a genius if my glasses had fucking lenses in them!!!


Oh...and to TheGirl...who was offended because I didn't offend women before...



A lop-sided Lindsay?

Disney's Pride & Joy



There...offended enough??!!!!! LOL

Peace out!!!

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mmmm.....very much offended. =]

I was feeling singled out.



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Or maybe I shouldn't hurt because of animal cruelty laws...

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Hey Hellfighter, thanks for standing up for me; but not necessary.  And don't worry about hurting me TheGirl...or being charged with animal cruelty.  I come from a hearty stock; and could take it.  We have a high tolerance for pain.  Just check this out and see what I mean...

It taste's like chicken!

See...my family line can take pain. (Sort of like the special olympics of arguing...huh TheGirl -LOL - win or lose; we're still retarded!)  No brain; no pain...that's our motto.

Peace out yall!!!

How about a little tongue.jpg


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Vin Deisel and he's the first one to get picked off

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Jason Stathom might make a great Psycho-killer, seriously, why not he's a great actor just ends up in a lot of crappy movies (crank, transporter) but he was great in lock stock and two smoking barels, and revolver.

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i'm going with like someone real stupid but they have to die a horrible death cause i hate the dumb twat let me see it would be funny to see lindsey lohan die a horrible death that would be awesome as i can say


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