what big name stars would you like to see in a horror film ?

what big name stars would you like to see in a horror film ?

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it doesn't matter who or what kind of movies or tv shows they stared in except for reality shows you can add musicians as well. so who would you pick ?????? i'll just say scarlet johanson for starters because i've never seen her in a horror film, henry rollens needs to be in more horror films, and ozzy osborn would be awesome as a vampire. i have lots more but lets hear your picks ????

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I was thrilled to see Paris Hilton catching a metal pipe with her head in House of Wax! The movie came out when it seemed like every time I turned around, she was in the news... I'm glad she dropped off the radar again!

I've only seen Vince Vaughn in one serious role (The Cell w/ J-Lo, great movie btw!). I think he could really pull off a psychopath role!

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im not not positive but i believe VINCE VAUGHN played NORMAN BATES in the PSYCHO remake which wasnt the best remake lol but wasnt worst either

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That's right! lol I forgot about Psycho!

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Ozzy had a small roll in Little Nicky. I would like to see more horror from Drew Barrymore, i have allways liked her.  and I would love to see Christopher Walken in more horror, Walken is my favorite, next to Bruce Campbell.  And i would like to see Rob Zombie play a part  in one of his own movies. maybe something with all of them???

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comedian/actors..Robin Williams made one hell of a scary person.

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I would like to see Paul Reubens in a heavy horror flick like SAW. I want him in character as PEE WEE HERMAN AND THEY JUST TORTURE THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF HIM. . . . . . . . .. . . . . yeah. . . let him do the "TEQUILA" dance and get out of that. . . hehehe. . .  .

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How about a remake of the 70's classic Sisters?  But this time; instead of Margot Kidder...how about these two...


Look...I'm Hannah now!

Yes...Miley Cyrus (and her alter ego Hannah Montana).  Now there's a real-life, personality disordered, schizoid for the screen!  And if they kill each other...that would be the Best of Both Worlds!!!  (LOL)

How about a little tongue.jpg

Peace out!!!

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How about a remake of Stephen King's Cujo.  With...

Trust me; the liver is highly over-rated.

"Please; don't be alarmed...I'm only frothing at the mouth because of the daquiri I just drank."

And his victim...

And just what the fuck are you looking at?

"Yeah...try it, Dog!  Where's my money, Brian?!"

(I think Stewie is a good choose to play the role of Danny Pintura...he was a little homo to be, too; wasn't he?)

How about a little tongue.jpg

Peace out yall!!!


You may have something there johbai ! I wouldnt mind seeing Hannah M. choking the crap out of herself with her own two hands and doing 2 voices kinda like the Exorcist . . . . .she could choke herself while arguing with herself in the mirror or would singing a song be better ? Wasnt Pintura that little blonde kid with the big head ?


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