Make Love: the Bruce Campbell Way

Make Love: the Bruce Campbell Way

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I finished Bruce Campbell's "Make Love: the Bruce Campbell Way" a few days ago. (While not a horror novel it is written by a horror icon which is my justification for placing it here.)

Unlike his other book, "If Chins Could Kill, Confessions of a B-Movie Actor," this is a piece of fiction which sees a fictional Campbell cast as one of the main actors in a big money romantic comedy. The fictional movie, "Let's Make Love" is being directed by Oscar-winning director Mike Nichols and stars Richard Gere and Rene Zellwegger.

Campbell fears that he's not prepared to work with such luminaries so he goes to extreme lengths to prepare for his role as a wise, Southern doorman. Of course, everything that can go wrong does.

Through his own ineptitude and bad luck something as simple as learning how to be a doorman, results in Campbell tackling former Secretary of State Colin Powell, starring in a pornographic movie, getting shot in an old fashioned pistol duel, playing catch with John Dillinger's penis and so on. It's all rather wacky but it is enjoyable.

Campbell is an average writer but more importantly, he's slapstick funny and very personable. Reading the book is almost like sitting down for a beer with him and having him tell you about all the stuff that can go wrong on a B-movie. Who wouldn't love that?

The horror factor is nil, but the Campbell factor is high which makes "Make Love" a quick enjoyable read.

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"HAIL TO THE KING BABY"    need i say more?!  600full-bruce-campbell.jpg

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I'm sure some things might have been thrown in that mix that were true too.  I didn't read the book but I heard a rumor before that Campbell did get his start in at least one porno.  Probably included in the literature are some basic instructional guidelines like how to get off with a chainsaw etc.  Seems interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

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I've been lucky enough to catch him in the flesh, twice. I saw him for the "If Chins Could Kill" book signing in Sacramento, CA and at the Sacramento, CA premier of "The Man With the Screaming Brain."

Guy is personable, down to earth and hella funny! Groovy! 

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bruce is the man i'm his biggest fan, i've heard of his books but i didn't read them. i saw his movies like billions of times though. i wish he could autograph my copy of evil dead. ash rules hail to the king!!

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