FearNet on TV. With the Roku Digital Video Player.

FearNet on TV. With the Roku Digital Video Player.

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I love FearNet! I own the Roku Digital Video Player which offers a free SDK to allow anyone to add their content on the box. Please add FearNet so I can enjoy all your content from the comfort of my couch.

More info here: http://www.roku.com/developer


For more info on Roku: http://www.roku.com/about/company

Check out the forums: http://forums.roku.com


Once again it won't cost anything to create a channel! That's a good deal!

Thanks for reading this,




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FEARNet would be a definite approvement to my Roku experience!!

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BRAIN DEAD FUCKERS! LOL! how the fuck carnt you get hold of films online? ................. shit basterds!Laughing

lots of "one post" people........................ retards!


WTF is a ROKU and why should I care ? ?


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Roku is awesome! FEARnet is awesome! (biased i know)........that is just too much awesome in one place, it would break you TV.


Joking aside, i don't see us being able to come to roku anytime this year, or maybe even next year. It would be a great addition to roku, from awesome to awesomtacular, but it just isn't in the cards at the moment

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ADD to roku please!!!!!

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What the hell is a ROKU? like an ATARI? Now that is some serious hardware I can get behind!

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after investigating this, i now have a ROKU, and it is very very cool for NETFLIX, now I can watch on my TV as opposed to just on my laptop.... cool


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