looking for good independents

looking for good independents

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i dig that movie nobody loves alice,if you know any other movies that are like this one please let me know....

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I'm always looking for good independent films too, but usually ones that get decent reviews.  The following aren't really scary, may not be totally independent films but none the less were low budget and pretty decent in regards to the plot:


Black Water Valley Exorcism

Death Of A Ghost Hunter

If you can think of any good foreign movies with good reviews, please let me know.

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i know alot u wold like horror and none horror here goes ......  horror/  american gothic,sorority  house massacre',  the original valentines day,happy birthday to me,hello mary lou  prom night part2,motel hell,hack,baby blues,okay and not horror but independent here  goes......digging to china,gummo,party monster,prince of pennsylvania,employee of the month  with matt dillon not the one with dane cook,pizza,i heart hukabees fucking funny not a kids movie at all  well thats all i have for now k  later killa.

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i recently came across a good flick. "Carver" i watch sooo much horror that i'm desensitized. this movie had me gaging. it follows typical story lines but when u get about half an hour into the movie the bathroom scene will gag u too. and men watch out. when the psycho squeezes this poor guys nut till it pops open...ewww gross. i guarentee all men will cross their legs and cringe.

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I don't know if you could qualify it as an indie or not, but if you go by the whole "Low Budget Horror" thing, 'Splinter' was pretty good. It reminded me alot of John Carpenter's 'The Thing'.


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if your looking for good Indy horror IFC has some good stuff, if you looking for bad Indy horror bentwood puts out collection for like 6 bucks, you get 6 movies, brain damage films, there are good Indy films out there that get picked up by small production co. and big ones you just got look for them, just because they have lionsgate on the side dose not mean it’s a big budget film.

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I'm going to shamelessly plug some indie horror films that are going on from Houston, TX.  And yes, I'm from Houston, TX, and yes, I've worked on one of these.

Check out www.houstonhorror.com  Movies like Sweatshop, Zombiefied, Spirit Camp, Walking Distance.  Houston made, Houston horror.  Texas rules!


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oo, oo, oo! martymar77b--- can I be shameless with you???

I'll look at your films if you'll look at mine hehehehe...

check out our little Indie company and the newest HORROR film we are doing at this moment, One Night Stand




Theres an award winning indie move that is oddly entertaining but in my opinion not exactly hard core or SERIOUS horror, but I DID enjoy it. The flick is a Gothic movie about Grave Robbers with Ron Perelman, the hobbit from LOST. Takes place in old England. I enjoyed it. Kind of a pleasant, cold outsiede, sittin with a hot mug of. . . . and watching this. Some creatures, good story, well acted. If youre bored, give it a shot, dont expect a lot and you will probably love it. The name is  I BURY THE DEAD.

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Good choice HF


Legeng of Hell House, I spit on your Grave, The Dead Pit Behind the mask, Cinderella, Mikey, Dead Snow, The Booth, Bad Dreams, Re-animater, Martyrs,  Frontiers, Alice Sweet Alice, Marebito, Zombie Alligator, The Ugly, Bad Taste, Blood fEAST,  Wizard of Gore,  Brain Damage,  The toolbox murders The Children, EraserHead, The Girl Next Door,  C.H.U.D., THEM, Necronomicon, Night of the Demons,  Alone in the Dark (1980),Dead & Buried, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, Near Dark, The Changelling, The house on Sorority Row, Let the Right one in, Right at your door, Inferno, The Stepfather (1987)



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Has anybody watched HOOD of the LIVING DEAD, HATCHET, or MORTUARY? There's another movie called VENOM. There's one that has 12 movies on it, GOREHOUSE GREAT COLLECTION. Most of the movies are mid to late 60's mid to late 70's and a few from the 80's and 90's. Of course nothing can beat GEORGE ROMERO'S NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD(the original zombie horror classic).


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