Will there be any more Fear Clinic episodes?

Will there be any more Fear Clinic episodes?

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Someone help me find out the answerr


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I'd like to know if or when the next episode will be also!!


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at the end of the 5th episode he writes down a patient is coming with a new phobia so there better be another 1


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I'm not getting the fear clinic episode thing... 7 minutes??  Is the full version on tv or something?  On this website it states to watch this series here, then they are 7 minutes or what ever. what's up?

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ya i was thinking about the whole how at the end of the last episode how he has his little notepad and is all cant wait till my next victim i think maybe since the episodes are so short maybe its just supposed to leave you hanging or like let your imagination think of what your phobias are and what they would manifest... i have a really bad case of being freakedoutbyspidersobia and i think it would really suck if i was paralyzed from the neck down and have all sorts of spiders over me or something. sorry about my non-punctuation

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I sure hope so!

For the episodes only being 6-7 minutes long, it's surprisingly easy to get into them.


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There has to be lol the way they ended it wouldn't really seem right.. Well I'm sure they will make more :]

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Don't leave us hanging FearNet! More Fear Clinic! Don't make us start writing Fear Clinic fan fiction!?!?

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I hope so! I was dying for Fear Clinic to come out. The episodes are as good as I expected, and Robert Englund rocked as always, but the episodes are just too short IMO. I was really getting into the series and then poof! over. I want to see more patients and think it would be cool if the episodes were lengthened to atleast 20 minutes.



- Skeletina

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maybe they will come out with them on special events or something i think it would be cool if the week of christmas they did another set about santa and elfs maybe thats why the doc was so excited about the fears manifesting hed get to see santa clause

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The show is awesome but I agree that 6-8 minutes is kind of too short. I'd like to see the show go to 30 minutes or even 60 min episodes. With this amazing cast, I feel like everyone needs more on screen time to let their characters develop a little more.



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