Will there be any more Fear Clinic episodes?

Will there be any more Fear Clinic episodes?

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Someone help me find out the answerr


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It better continue they have a new phobia arriving.

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Maybe (if we're lucky), they're working on longer episodes right now as we type and that's why it's taking so long to see any new stuff. Yeah, 30 to 60 minutes per episode would be great. This 7 minute stuff just makes me mad.

It's not fair! Not fair I tell you!Yell

-tyedyetrish (aka Trish)

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They are making new episodes. Aaron has so many ideas. They're waiting to hear from Fearnet. Spread the word to everyone, and with enough people buzzing about it, fearnet will for sure give them the ok

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who cares. thought it would be cool at first. freddy and jason workin together.

yeah came to realize i'm not a.d.d. have trouble focusing only 7 minutes at a time.

if they had any brains at all you would be able to watch the whole thing on demand or on here which ever your preference

 now fuck off and leave me alone

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Love the episodes of this. :D

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 30 minuets tops for me but the series so friggin addictive. peaceLaughing

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I hope so. I loved them. Short, but really good considering. I hope it sticks around.

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You know I always told myself that I'd watch that show, but I'd never got to it.

Damn! Too bad I can't Tivo FearNet ^_^


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Check them out man. Good stuff.

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its good to watch and about more episodes, that would be great, since the first 5 really catch your attention


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