Which episode of fear clinic is your favorite?

Which episode of fear clinic is your favorite?


I've just started watching the series and I'm curious what others thought. :]

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expendableExtra's picture

I liked Scotophobia and Entomophobia the most.

All 5 of the episodes were cool, I'd like to watch a full half-hour of each! If there were a Fearnet channel on my satellite, I'd watch a Fear Clinic TV series. Fearnet should seriously consider creating a full series on this website at least.

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Scotophobia was my favorite, but the rest of them were awesome!


Toxic_Revenge's picture

I think my favorite is the germophobia. Freddy vs. Jason!!


yep yep!!!!!!!


mine too

AstropathicNature's picture

Fear Clinic Episode 2: Scotophobia.

Only cause the woman has the same fear I have.
And the episode explains a lot on why it's not the dark that I fear.
It's what's in it.

spookyboo's picture

Ha ha ha.  Scotophobia sounds like a constipation disorder.  Try prunes next time.

kaveman1969's picture

Which 6 minute epsode is my favorite? None of them. I'm insulted as a horror fan that FearNet would think this lame crap would appease us in lieu of a real scary show.

I wish I had Verizon, I'd switch in a minute. At least Chiller offers real programming.


I prefer FEAR ITSELF. Some REALLY great episodes like SKIN AND BONES.

kaveman1969's picture

This lame Fearnet person joined another horror site I'm on touting FearNet. When questioned about it she didn't have much to say. I guess cause it sucks or she'd say something now, since she works for them.

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@kaveman1969 You are welcome to direct any questions or concerns about FEARnet to us directly.

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i really like the first episode cuz the first is always the best


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