Freaky People in the Real World: Which Ones Scare You?

Freaky People in the Real World: Which Ones Scare You?

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Ok, I'm sure we've all seen people that make us do a double take every now and then.  I'm not generally talking about disabled people (who can't help it), but more or less, people that you know could've been normal but somehow are not (like crackheads, pervs and the like).  Have you ever seen a person that at first sight or after talking to them for a little while, just plain scared the b-jeezus out of you?


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I'm a simple-type a guy... Normal people scare me, lmao!! Laughing

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yeah man she locked all the doors i was pissed, all i could think of was flipping her car over, rrrrrrrraaaaaaaa lol.

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I've had the people lock the car doors when I walk by...I didn't really get it. I don't think I look terribly menacing or frightening.


It's what's on the inside that counts. :)

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the people who scare me the most are the ones who are overly nice and the creepy ones who stare a minute to long.

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After reading Kabooms post, I wonder how we haven't met. Sounds like we grew up in the same neighborhoods. Only 1000 miles apart.  At 50 years old, and running around, or forced to live with the people I've been around, there's still only 2 people that I can say I actually had a genuine fear of. The first, naturally, was my father. He was a drill instructor in the Marines for crying out loud. I can assure you, I was not alone in my fear of this man. Not only because of the beatdowns I received from this man,(mostly deserved), but I witnessed several situations where he dealt with men with attitudes, and sadly for them, not one of them lasted more then 10 seconds. He was a beast when he had to be.

The only other person I just really didn't want to be around, not so much feared, was a little guy I met when I was like 14. He was about 19, and the biggest fool I've ever met in my life. At 5' nothing, there was nobody this guy wouldn't fight. Most of the time he'd win. God help you if you beat his ass. Cause he was coming back. In force. I know of at least 3 people he killed, (hence a double life sentence), and several he put in hospitals. Some of which still bare the scars of crossing him to this very day.

So, there you have it. I'd rather face a werewolf on acid, in a dark alley, under a full moon, then piss either one of those people off. But I really needn't worry. My father has passed on, and Dale will never be released. Hopefully. I'm certain that 29 years in prison has only increased his "appetite for destruction" so to speak...

Stay scary my friends.....zz

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All the Time. The one's that seem to way to normal. And not the religion types either.(they are scary in a whole different way.) I can walk down a street and just seen how this person can be too purfect. Or hey he must live in the MTS. by him self. (If they look too frendly or if they seem to always have that look talk to me and I will kill you.)That's Who I avoid at all coast. But it don' t help to where I live either. Every thing Negative comes to this one place.(not saying that other palces don't have people like this.)But this place has more then its fair share.We are the Prison of capital of the USA.That dosen't help matter's either.

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hey spookyboo,some of the most freaky people i've met have been in the bar.When people get drunk you get to know who they really are.

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I think you only understand who the drunk person is in that particular moment in their lives.

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Lol, nothing worse than stepping into a store & seeing the bearded lady... Then turning around to see a woman with her eyes BULGED OUTTA HER HEAD!!!! Not scary, but pretty frickin' funny!! :-D

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I know I keep saying it but old people really freak me out , I know you have the good ones that ll alwayz make you a cuppa tea and give you some mouldy out of date cheeze or a really fluffly mouldy bun, oh yeah some even give you mega tipz for being the best carpenter in the world, but

on the flip side theres the bad ones and to be honest i think they are really freaky, its like they proper got a fooking problem with the young society, although I am not young apparently I am old, but thatz another story,

so oldpeople the really freaky fooked up ones , they messing with the wrong carpenter and I gotta tell ya my  garage is full up with the freaky fookerz, so if you gotta problem and you cant get rid of that freaky old fooker call the carpenter , he got some toolz to do the old bastardz right in!!!!!peaced!!!!AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhYell 


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