Freaky People in the Real World: Which Ones Scare You?

Freaky People in the Real World: Which Ones Scare You?

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Ok, I'm sure we've all seen people that make us do a double take every now and then.  I'm not generally talking about disabled people (who can't help it), but more or less, people that you know could've been normal but somehow are not (like crackheads, pervs and the like).  Have you ever seen a person that at first sight or after talking to them for a little while, just plain scared the b-jeezus out of you?


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I think it's sweet when you get into Dad mode. My dad's in Florida this time of year and usually only emails or calls to ask if I've found any water in their basement when I've checked on the house, lol!


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I'm the same way Joe....Live in a constant state of horror....Always on the look out....Worrying all the time....But, I've taught my rebel well...She'll be 14 in less then a month. She has a good head on her shoulders and I'm doing my absolute best to keep it there....

When you have a son, you keep your eye on one boy.....When you have a daughter, you keep your eye on all the boys.....And its such a thankless job....But then you get the very rare hug and the I love you Daddy, and it makes it all worth the trouble....peace-zz

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I gotta say..the people that scare me are the church people that comes to your door atleast once a month Frown

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Get a big dog or two to greet them at the door for ya. You won't have that problem anymore. Worked like a charm for me!Wink Course I had six of them the last time a Jehovah's witness came a knocking. Felt kind of bad for the fella cause he looked like he was about to wet himself right before he stepped off my porch. Innocent

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LOL! I think random anyone at your door can be scary. If you don't know the person, and they show up on your door step. You never know.....
I'm a recluse anyways.

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My wife and I keep to ourselves too. Not that I don't like my neighbors, I just don't want to hang out with them. And thet seems to be all they want to do.

Much happier just the wife and I watching football or a movie or something by ourselves.

Plus, I'm still not sure that the guy at the end of our street isn't a werewolf. He sure looks like one, especially in the summer. He scares me.

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I lived in the southern Pilippines in 1970s and I remember hearing a story that late at night a women would shower with a long robe on. the house maids would tell us this story, one night I stayed up late with 2 house maids and we hid behind a table. and sure enough we saw the water start to fall, in a big can, this tall light skined women with long black hair was showering and humming, I felt stange. we saw her turn and she has red eyes and  U know that under the nose and above the upper lips all humans have a indent u can feel it and see it in the mirror, this lady didnt have that. it was flat accross that area. and we felt really scared someone droped a glass or bumbed a chair, she looked torwards us we all got so frightend we ran so fast, when we lQQked back a few momets latter she was gone. the robe was on the floor and there was water all over the floor. I lived in Cebu city and we lived near some hills and bamboo trees. I was told that in that area, are jins what we call gennies. and they are abondent in the hills and trees,. I never went out at late night again wile i was there. I also lived in Iloilo city Pi. and they have storys of Aswangs flying monsters that swoop down and eat the liver of humans, I have never seen that, but I saw 2 men walking across the rd in the farming area, carrying a dog that was not alive, it scared me too, it was late and dark, those 2 real life scars I remember. And I throught that my race of undead are scary. not reallyCool

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attachment-5.jpgdeadstar56's nice teethWhen I was ,, 9 years old I lived in the philippines, a town called Iloilo city in the south,, one night after curfew they had curfew by 12AM, that was the time when Macapagal was the pres. of Philippines. way b4 Marcos. anyway as I was drivng with my stepFather (another Monster who my sister and brothers called Dr.death or dr frankiienstine) thats another story. sick and scary too... but remember I was nine, and we were driving fast to beat the curfew , and as we turned a corner in the dark RD. I saw 2 men walking across the Rd they seemed to be carrying a body it was white and full of blood one man had the head and the other the body end they were stagering and leaving a trail of blOOd. I scarmed, my 9yr old mind told me it was a dead women they had killed, but what it was , was a dog ( poor doggy) they had killed it cuz they were going to eat it,,, yaccky, it scared me bad I will never forget it, my step Ghoul father laughed at me .. and by the way my fangs are real, and in the right place I had them even then at 9 I wanted to bit my stepFather, but I know if I tried he would have hung me by my wrists to a tree and weeped me with a carabow tall,. in those days U could kill and burry your kids and no one would care, but  being Undead I didnt care, Cool in the picture is me after a teeth cleaning and in the other is me with my sons little girl, taken last summer.

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Those Twilight fangirls scare the shit out of me!!!

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Going back to mrbiggs comment about church people coming to the door.......

I used to have hair past my shoulder blades and I had black fingernails and wore a penticle on a chain around my neck. and I always dressed in black. This happned 20 years ago mind you.  I was getting ready for work one day, just got out of the shower had my heavy metal music blaring.  Had my black jeans and my Metallica t-shirt on and of course my 5 point star.....I hear a knock at my door, I turn music down answer the door, my hair is wet and hanging past my eyes.  I see this young man and woman standing there with their Watchtower magazines.  I go Hi! and the both look at me up and down and go uhhh nevermind.....walk back to their car and leave!!!!


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