Freaky People in the Real World: Which Ones Scare You?

Freaky People in the Real World: Which Ones Scare You?

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Ok, I'm sure we've all seen people that make us do a double take every now and then.  I'm not generally talking about disabled people (who can't help it), but more or less, people that you know could've been normal but somehow are not (like crackheads, pervs and the like).  Have you ever seen a person that at first sight or after talking to them for a little while, just plain scared the b-jeezus out of you?


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Oh quit yr whinin' HF, it's always Leftist this, and Leftist that... lmao.

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rapest scares me, i mean than i don't want to have sex with anyone because i am scared they will rape me. i don't people that have to rape women. child molesters are just sick fucks, stalkers are creepy as well.

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Obama, Oprah, and Richard Simmons. 


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