Steven King: Book or Movie??

Steven King: Book or Movie??

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Of all of Steven King's amazing books & movies, which was YOUR favorite? Undecided

My favorite book was The Stand & my favorite movie was IT.

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I'm actually currently reading The Stand and loving every minute of it.  Bookwise, I'm going to wait until I'm finished with The Stand, but I enjoyed his "Four Minutes Past Midnight" collection a lot, as well as The Shining.  I want to read Cujo and It after I'm finished with The Stand. 

The Girl who Loved Tom Gordan (is that correct?  Its Tom Something, I know that) was surprisingly good, although it smacked of King's usual stand-bys.  Hallucinations manifesting itself into reality.  Alcoholic/abusive father.  Physical reflection of psychological breakdown.

I liked Dreamcatcher though I wouldn't call it his best work, but the alien invasion thing was definitely unique.

I seem to be on a King marathon as far as books I'm reading.  Not complaining though.  I would love to see The Library Policeman from the "Four Minutes Past Midnight" series get made into a movie, that would kick ass.

Movies.  I thought The Mist was superb.  Cujo was intense!  Someone find me an uncut version of IT was the proper intro of the little girl in the linens and then the boy getting his armed pulled off in a sewer!  I can't find a DVD with those scenes, and I did not hallucinate when I saw those scenes!!  I actually liked both versions of The Shining (even the remake had the stupid happy ending). 

Anywayz, I'm sleepy, time to go dream of the Dark Man.  Maybe Abagail will invite me to her house. 

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Hey! Another S.K. fan, too cool! I have most of his books, and 35 of his movies. My fave, book and movie, is 'The Stand'. The first DVD I bought was 'IT'. Did you hear that the head producer of the 'Lord of The Ring' movies bought the movie rights to the 'Dark Tower' series? I'd like to see Roland on the big screen!                   Later!                Kaboom

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Awesome choices!! My sister got me into Steven King!! I read a majority of her books when she was done when we were growing up!! Smile

 I remember watching most of his movies on TV & they were great!!!! Sealed

I was 11 when IT came on TV... Funny thing is that about 90% of people I've talked to suffer from Coulrophobia aka the fear of clowns!! Well NOT ME... My mother, the root of my horror madness, used to paint figurines. Well guess what... I had about 4 of those clown figurines sitting on my shelf, so while kids I went to school with got FrEaKeD out... NOT I, hahaaaaa!!!! Laughing

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Book:  'Salem's Lot.  No better vampire book out there.

Movie:  The Dead Zone.  The only book that translated well into a movie.

Stopped reading King after Pet Semetary.  Felt he wasn't fun any more.  To me, that book was such an ordeal that I wasn't interested in taking on another.

Went back to his and others short stories and steered clear of novels.


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I personally think that his Short Stories are amazing, while his novels generally bore me. As far as Stephen King MOVIES go, they're pretty much hit and miss. That said, I think his anthology 'Night Shift' has got to be my personal favorite of his.


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Stephen King probably has the largest quality gap when you compare his books to his movies of any pop horror writer. His books are nothing short of fantastic and many of the I'll watch every movie he makes though.

Books: The Dark Half, The Shining, Needful Things

Bachman book: The Long Walk

Movies: Needful Things, It, Creepshow "Meteor shit!!"

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I've heard many rumours about them making The Dark Tower series into movies or mini-series over the years since I read them - awesome series for anyone into King that hasn't read them. And I'm glad to hear that someone has finally bought the rights to do something with them. Let's hope it plays out through the end, hm?

As to the question at hand, I obviously enjoyed the hell out of the Dark Tower books. But I also loved The Talisman and Black House that he did with Peter Straub. Another favorite, that a lot of people forget is, is The Eye Of The Dragon. Great book. Not really horror, more fantasy. But Flag is in it, muahahaha! 

One of my favorite Stephen King films has always been Maximum Overdrive. Surprising how many people I know these days that has never seen that movie. IT'S SO GREAT! IT of course is always a favorite. Dreamcatcher was all right. I think they could have done much better with that one. And there are so many that I could name... I'd be here all night, lol. 

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this is a weird one for me. i don't know why but i'd rather watch his movies then read the book. normally it's the other way around. i have read a few of his books. i like everything he does. i'd have to say "salems lot" is my fav. the original. i was disapointed in the remake.


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I've read everything Stephen King has put out, and I have to say he kind of got out there for a bit.

However, he appears to be back with Under The Dome. Good book.


I prefer most of his written work over the movies made out of them. The stories/novels are usually better to me.

But The Mist and 1408 were great films. The Shining, Pet Cematary, and It were good films as well.

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Read a lot of short stories and books and watched a lot of his movies as well. Anybody read a book called FROM A BUICK 8. Almost along the lines of part fantasy/reality type deal. LOVED CUJO as well. Me well I like to read the books and watch the movies, try to spot the differences between the two. Read his book called THE CELL but never seen the movie. Seen the MIST and read the short story. There is still quit a lot of movies or books that I have not read or seen yet. Really hard to pick a favorite because I like his work.



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