Steven King: Book or Movie??

Steven King: Book or Movie??

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Of all of Steven King's amazing books & movies, which was YOUR favorite? Undecided

My favorite book was The Stand & my favorite movie was IT.

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I'm not a fan of his writing,mainly it's his style of writing. Being a published author myself , I just find he tends to drag his horror with some of his scenes. Just my opinion. I have read Pet Sematary,Carrie and The Shinning. As far as the movies : Pet Sematary,Desperation,Carrie,Christine,Cujo,It,Needful things,Creepshow 1&2,The Shinning,Green Mile,and Rose Red . I seem to pass up from buying " Diary of Ellen Rimbauer"another part of Rose Red.

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To me, his books are better than than the movies. I think Kings early writing is great. The short story compilation Night Shift is awesome and so are The Shining and Carrie, to me.

I actually hold him as the mark that I compare other writers to. Dean Koontz and Peter Straub(even though he colaborated with King on The Talisman) don't meet the mark to me.

To me King is the King(no pun intended) with written horror, although I will say some of his stuff has thrown me for a loop at times.

He seems back on track with Under The Dome. Great book. Plus, you have to love the characters he plays in all of the movies made from his books.

King rules for me. His son, Joe Hill, is pretty good too.

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I've read his books and seen his movies. Loved SALEM'S LOT, but I can't really choose just one. Guess you can say I'm a fan of all his work, except CREEPSHOW 3.

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Creepshow 3 has nothing to do with King. Independent film all the way.

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I like both. I mean, Books are great for the imagination, But some days I don't feel like reading so that's where movies come in handy.

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I love the dark tower series, I was actually worried that he wouldn't be able to finish it. My favorite King movie is the shawshank redemption even thou it isn't horror.

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His best movies weren't the scary ones. The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption. Awesome movies, and I think it was because they were a bit of a departure. Best book? The Dark Tower series is awesome in that it ties so many of his other books together. If you liked Salem's Lot, you need to read the Dark Tower to see what happens to Father Callahan.

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I like both his books and movies.  My favorite book is the stand and movie but they left so much out it is already a long movie so wth make it longer.  Non Horror I loved the Green Mile and went a little Psycho trying to read it in the chapter books when it was first released had a problem finding the 4th book for a long time and it made me a little psycho at the store and finally I said F   it  and got the whole book.  It scares the hell out of me simply because I am a little bit afraid of spiders and clowns have always scared me I have always wondered what they are hiding under the make up and clothes lol.  I did not like rose red in either book or movie too much the book was definitely better.  I like the Dark tower series of books I loved needful things the movie.  It is kind of equal some books are better and some movies are better but the stand is my go to for book or movie if there is nothing on or if I have read everything in my house.

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It's hard to pick just one Stephen King book.... My all time fav is Talisman. I think he wrote that with someone else thou not real sure, but I also loved The Stand.. Now for the movies.... "IT" which I heard is being remade. More blood, gut,s and gorier. For the longest time I had to give my daughter warning when I was going to watch it cause "IT" freaked her out. Sometimes I wouldn't tell her just to scare her.. I know I'm a cruel Night Flyer, Sleepwalkers, and The Shining (old, not the remake, I didn't like the remake) are a few more that I love by Stephen King.


Here's Johnny..... 

Here's Johnny

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Love him or hate him, King cannot be denied his place in both modern and genre literature. There is something to be said about the iconic imagry in his books and the subsequent films made from them. Story seems to be his main focus. Just like some movies are meant to be simply for entertainment, most of Kings novels are what I would call "Popcorn Books" meaning that they are merely good stories without all of the literary mumbo-jumbo that might come with some of the more "serious" writers out there.

Most of the mini-series adaptations suck. A very interesting non-fiction book called Danse Macabre came out in the 80's. It's mostly Kings musings on the horror genre throughout the years. Check it out if only for a neat little companion book to your horror collection 



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