Steven King: Book or Movie??

Steven King: Book or Movie??

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Of all of Steven King's amazing books & movies, which was YOUR favorite? Undecided

My favorite book was The Stand & my favorite movie was IT.

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I'm currently reading "The Bachman Books", the collected works of his early novels under Richard Bachman. I've read "Rage" and I'm currenently reading "The Long Walk", the collection also includes "The Running Man", I hope I can read it without constantly thinking of Arnie "Grabby Hands" Schwarzenegger.

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I am reading 11/22/63. So far could be favorite, only 180 pages in.(It's 850 pages, another long one) I think The Cell took over for favorite book.

Favorite movie Pet Cemetary

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I'm a huge fan of the Dark Tower.

As far as movies go, I'd either have to go with The Stand or the Shawshank Redemption


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