Re: If you were a serial killer, what would be your motive?

Re: If you were a serial killer, what would be your motive?

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I'm sure there are some murderer's out there, that don't kill just for tarded reasons, hating women or cult teachings.  Of course, there is no way to justify the insane actions of others.  Certainly, I would'nt throw away my freedom.  However, there are some people out there that just almost deserve to be dead.  Ex. Drew Peterson, chronic pedophiles, people that torture animals (animal torture / murder is only a misdemeanor in most states), elder abusers etc.

I see this stuff on the news All The Time.  Justice is rarely served.  I'm not a vigilante or anything but for once I'd like to hear about a serial killer who is actually doing society a favor, by doing something bold that may make.......... just a little bit of sense.  Will there ever be this kind of originality in our lifetimes?  If you were a highly skilled, intelligent, psychopath..........who would you target and why?

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First, I wouldn't be your typical serial killer, because I would be a dark hero, torturing those who harm the innnocent people, such as: do a sexual torture on rapists and child molesters; beat an abusive to death; just a few examples. I would be like Jigsaw, but different, because I would be the one who kills them. Be sorta like a gothic angel, if you will.

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Well I'm certainly agreeing with that response.  Travel would be the real hang-up with our efforts though.  Never know who else is going to be in the house, without doing the whole stalker thing and it makes it hard to leave work for months on end and come back when all is said and done.  Add to this complications in establishing an alibi.  Maybe that's why it hasn't been done before?

But, societies undesirables often do leave themselves open for victimization.  That is of course, if the cops aren't already staking out the place.

What would be your calling card?  Haven't seen to many original ones of these either.

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I agree 100% w/ twistedstoryteller!!!! Those who put fear & pain towards others & get easy sentencing or are released on bullshit judicial screw-ups... Definitely deserve a "Jigsaw" killing!! I feel maybe the court system should bring back the PAINFUL execution chambers; the electric chair, hanging, being stoned!! I'd pay $49.95 on pay-per-view to watch that SHIT, lol!! It'll probably even boost the economy!! Or even better, get the victim's families to make the decision & CHOOSE HOW THE COWARD WHO KILLED THEIR LOVED ONE(S) SHOULD DIE & HAVE THE OPTION TO PERFORM THE DEATH SENTENCE THEMSELVES!!!!


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If I 'were' a serial killer, what would be my reason for killin'? I really wouldn't have a reason for killing someone. . . I would just kill them to fuck with the police - make them think i'm somebody I'm not, you know? I'd just like to mess with them, nothing more. . .

* OH YEAH!. . . I just remembered. . . If I ever met a person who harmed a child in any way, that S.O.B. would die a slow and very painful death. . . Now that I think about it, if I had to use someone to fuck with the police, it would be people who harm children. . .

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You know as dorky as It sounds we need The Punisher.

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if i was a serial killer my motive would be to kill people that harm animald i would bring them in the woods and put bear traps out their then when the bear trap got them i would  torture then i would peel flesh from them and make them eat it since meat is their love and after i'm done killing them from torture i would feed them to the gators so they can have a well balanced meal.

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You know now that I think about it I would kill people who abuse children and women (Some women and men for that matter like it rough but there is a line) I hate mother fuckers who hit women and abuse children. Now the ways I would kill them...That is a subject I will not discuss : )

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Ok I will discuss one method...For those who would hurt children or women I have a simple solution....

Drug them..give them something to slow bleeding, cut a small incesion in there stomach where the entrails are located...Nail it to a tree, wake them up and scare the shit out of them with a chain saw a sword or some other implement that would cause fear...and watch them run. Remember your entrails are very strong... your large intestine can take brutal amounts of pressure even exposed to the outside of the body and the nails it would be attched to the tree would not rip...The drugs to coagulate the blood would work real well on the offender. They would die in a few minutes but would relaize the horror of there sins....


Thats how a serial killer who avenges wrongs against children who are abused and women who are raped should kill there victims...The drugs to coagulate the blood would work real well on the offender.


Just like that jerk in washington who killed those four cops...I hope they catch that scum bag and execute him...But as said before justice is never served.

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In a response to the previous message................doesn't it take a long time for someone to die when they are dissemboweled (I know I spelled that wrong)?  I think as long is the intestine is intact, it might take a while but I guess the more time the merrier, as long as your not interrupted.

Also, about the cop killer guy............why did he kill them at the donut shop? Must of been cracked out of his mind.  Another useless angery act that would've been better served chopping off some molester's peep.

As for murdering molesters, I think it would be cool to leave a Pee Wee Herman sticker at the scene for a calling card.  I'm sure there are way better ideas, but I just can't think of any at the moment.

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Yes and no. In normal circumstances yes becuase they are trying to hold it in. In this case NO becuase they would be running around until the 30 or so feet of large intestine ran out and they would rip the skin open thus causing the coagulant used to stop to much bleeding would have no effect. Also there heart rate would increase and adrenaline would increase blood flow. Your also chasing them around with a weaon and sacrring them...They would run then look down and be horrifed at the site of there large intestine pulling along there side....Physics and anatomy...


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