what would u say to death

what would u say to death

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C'mon what would be your last words

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heres what I'd say. I am (How old I am when i meet death). and i have no enemies on this earth. Laughing

because i out lived all thoose mother fuckers!Yell

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What took you so long?  Bitch!!!

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I challenge you to a game of TWISTER. WOAH!

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" Let me grab a 40 first "

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BITCH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Thanks for letting me stay this long and should I wear something light and airy for the heat. . . . ?

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So, AM i going to hell ina handbasket or going down a staircase?Smile

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Come closer so I can get a better look at your face and slap the taste out of it!

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i would say "what the fuck too you so damn long???? wat is your email address acting up again i was supposed to be dead years ago!!!" and im serious i would say that

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I'm sorry but, I don't believe you have an appointment. Talk to my assistant and we'll see if you can be penciled in sometime next week, m'kay?


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