what would u say to death

what would u say to death

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C'mon what would be your last words

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does a bear shit in the woods!!!!!!!!!!???????

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As far as I know bears shit in the woods. LOL!!!!!!

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yep i stink your right bears do actually shit in the woods!!

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id would tell him his shoes are untied and give him a melvin like BILL N TEDS BOGUS JOURNEY ....

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I'd slap the shit out of him and demand to know what took him so damn long??

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I would just wait untill his back was turned and then brutaly rape him.

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Lol ZC really lmao

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hmmmm.....not sure I'd try something like that with Death. It's not gonna get you out of dying, and it may ensure that you stay in a very, very uncomfortable place for eternity. InnocentTongue out

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You tell him his shoelace is untied and follow it up by giving him a melvin, Bill and Ted forever!!!

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dude! like, want to play a game?


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