"Tiny's Halloween" - Horror short I made.

"Tiny's Halloween" - Horror short I made.

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Hey guys - I am new to the board. I just wanted to share with you a short movie that I made. This was an original story that I wrote that was my homage to the genre we all love. I hope you enjoy it:


Thanks! Let me know what you guys think.

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nice video dude

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Thanks Rigor. I am glad that you liked it!

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best i seen so far , very innocent , i like that, everone makes things to much going on , this was very subtle, the main character was fetchin in his clown mask very it like ,big bloke man he could do some damage , i would like to see more jumps and scares next time you got everything else, well done awesome!!!!!!peace!!!AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggghYelli like the bit where hes inside and jumps up fom behind couch

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Ugly clown, bitchy frightened people and big mouth gets it in the end. I'd have voted Mr. "Get a Job" was going to get it. Good production skills!

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Cool video. I really liked the mask.

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not bad. make about 4 more of those shorts and put them on dvd and try to get them distributed, i would deffinatly buy me a copy.

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