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CLASH OF THE TITANS (2010)clasH oF thE titanS (2010)clAsh of the titAns (witchez)clasH oF thE titanS (witch)clash of the titanz (medusa)clash of the titanzClash of the titans (medusa)







                                                                                                 R.H.F.S.U  Money mouth

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Deal with the fact that this is the time of remakes , some good some bad. MBV remake owned , FT13 decent. Most of the remakes are not remakes there reimagines Halloween remake sucked.........we just need to deal with and accept it. Clash of the Titans was great and I'm looking forward to it.  I know alot of people who like Quarantine.....REMAKE.....The Departed.....REMAKE , so don't rip a movie apart before you've seen it. And I am looking forward to seeing NOES.

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I havent seen any ripping here however Im sure thier are plenty who would love to rip one way or the other

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mate this is going to be a load of shit!!!!!


IM THINKIN' SNOOP DOGG AS PERSEUS ?  Whattaya think. . . . . . . . ? Too Greek ?


Thanks for the clip. The trailer looks pretty good !

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EEEEEE!!!!! I can't wait for this one! I remember my folks taking me to the drive-in when I was a kid to see the original. Loved it! I think it also inspired my later love of Greek mythology. Anyhoo, on a side note, that Medusa head was hitting a little too close to home for me today. I totally woke up with Medusa hair this morning!Embarassed

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The all knowing Zeus....

The prolific johbai at work

The "pistol packing primal" Perseus....

Perturbed Pistol Packing Primate

The heroine (tired of the Greek names - truth is - been so long - can't remember the chick's name.  And those who are offended by the term "chick" - I thought it was better than "broad" LOL)...


The three witches...

Blonde & Loving ItPeek-a-booby



The French Maid costume's at the cleaners



"I told them a little off the top!  That's the last time I go to that barber! Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!!!"

And of course, the frightfully destructive Kracken....


"DIE you damn Cretes!!!!!  Look at me Mr. Harryhausen!!!"

How about a little tongue.jpg

Peace out yall!!!

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Well, I'll be the first to admit that the original was not all that good.  The dialog is pretty lame and for a hero, Perseus can't hold onto his sword worth a damn.  And come on, a wind-up owl as a lame R2-D2 sidekick?  Bad move.


However, all that said and done, I do own this film on DVD, as Harryhausen's work is simply astonishing.  The lighting in the Medusa's lair is just stunning, and the Pegasus scenes are just as my inner child imagined them.


Now, we have a remake that looks like Gods of War 3, with CGI monsters straight out of the original and 300-style battles.  Basically, your standard Hollywood paint-by-numbers blockbuster. No thanks, though I might catch it if one of the second run brewpub theaters get it  But I'm not dropping $10 on an unimaginative, souless remake.

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Baby its Harry Hamlin sweetie Harry Hamlin Kiss

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Yo this remake is gonna be off the chains man...., im into greek mythology and seein all the effects and sound in this movie... its gonna be a big hit in the theathers... Medusa and Ares are some of my favorite..hell if Kratos could be in that movie. shit be more fire...lmfao x3 ha ha ha


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