The Most Gore You've Witnessed in a Horror Film

The Most Gore You've Witnessed in a Horror Film

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For a long time Peter Jackson's Braindead (aka Dead Alive) was pinnacle for me. Lionel Cosgrove liquifying zombies with a lawn mower. Classic. BUT I recently saw an Irish movie entitled Boy Eats Girl in which the heroine drives a tractor that has a bush hog arm attached to it. I mean I really could have just said "bush hog" and you would understand I think.

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I have to admit that even though The Collector is from the director of some of the later saw films, they did a great job bringing the gore.  It's not so much a saw film where they try to contrapt "real life" contraptions, but just go for the suspense and gore.  I like it a lot. Not ground-breaking, but clever.


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