Why do people either hate or love those shakey first-person perspective horror movies?

Why do people either hate or love those shakey first-person perspective horror movies?

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This the low to no budget forum and Cloverfield and Quarantine don't count I guess, but they are still examples of the type of movie that for some reason put people on the defensive. What is it about these movies or about those people that results in their being insulted by the film?

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We have heard this A LOT and it seems the biggest factor is just whether or not your body/mind can handle the 'turbulance' of such films.  @ProfessorSimon, are they insulted? Now if they barfed up their extra Large extra expensive popcorn we can clearly see the complaints. Such movies wouldn't be the movies they are if they were not shot in such a fashion. We're not easily queezy over here adn we love the style. Great topic.

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I think they bring an interesting facet to the horror genre, but like all else some are bad and some are good.

Last Broadcast and The Blair Witch Project really seem to put you there in the story. Excellently done. 

Cloverfield was great at showing the chaos that would take place during a giant monster attack but I really wanted to see more monster, I mean, after all, that is what we're there for right? I wish it wasn't POV and was a regular third-person style film in that we watch the action from afar so we could see him/her totally stomping the hell out of NY.

Paranormal Activity and countless no money remakes of The Blair Witch Project are hanging on the coat tails of the handheld camera personal view genre. They're not really scary, interesting or original but because they cost little to no money I'm sure will see about a billion similar movies flood the market.

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I would say that people like the shaky movies better because to them it is much more realistic and some people would rather see a first person movie. I would have to agree if i had to choose one it would be quarintine.

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To me, a good movie is a good movie regardless of how it's shot. If a movie stinks, trying to make it seem more realistic with the shaky video cam style of recording isn't going to help much.

I don't necessarily dislike a movie shot like that, Quarantine, Cloverfield, even Blair Witch were pretty good movies IMO.

Not to beat a dead horse, but Paranormal Activity blew to me, and it had nothing at all to do with the way it was filmed...for me anyway. I just thought it sucked.

So, yeah...a good movie will be good regardless. A suckfest will continue to suck


Plainly and well said K !LIKE A MOVIE. . DONT LIKE A MOVIE

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cuz they suck lol

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I like them, but then again i like just about every movie

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Saw both Quarantine & Clover field. For this type of movie I thought both were ok. Don't like to view as 1st person, I prefer the big picture. Let's face it, you're not really there. Might as well see everything.

Story lines were weak, shooting in the dark stinks- ok if nothing else to watch.

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Maybe it's a coincidence and all those people holding the camera have bad arthritis.

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the first person film is growing like a slow slime, Cloverfield and [REC](remake Quarantine) and paranormal activity..... i could name more.  but, we have not seen the last of them. first person is all about trying to bring a real aspect to a unlikely idea.  this possibly  could not happen.... but here is the proof. i like most of them, some of them are crap like quarantine,





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