Why do people either hate or love those shakey first-person perspective horror movies?

Why do people either hate or love those shakey first-person perspective horror movies?

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This the low to no budget forum and Cloverfield and Quarantine don't count I guess, but they are still examples of the type of movie that for some reason put people on the defensive. What is it about these movies or about those people that results in their being insulted by the film?

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i don't care for a home video type of movie the camera shakes to much and  i can't relly get into it because there is a lot more to the whole scene then it actually shows, regular movies you see the whole picture if u know what im saying.................they bore me ....................

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To me it's all about the why.  If it's done for a reason and put to good use then chances are I'll enjoy the movie.  But all too often styles like this are used because some other movie has done it before and "it looked cool".  I think the 2011 Muscle Cars look cool, but I don't want to see a Mustang, Camaro and Challenger in gothic Vampire movie set in centuries old Transylvania.  It just wouldn't make sense.  A DeLorean driven by Christopher Lloyd, maybe...

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I'm going to basically agree with Adom. A first person view adds to the suspense and emotion of a scene if it's called for - if it's important that the audience sees only what one character sees. But I definitely think some film makers overuse it and especially the "shaky cam" thinking that it adds tension. Sometimes it does, but too much is just annoying IMO. It doesn't matter how effective it is, if I can't tell what's goin on then I'm not going to enjoy the film.


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