Automaton Transfusion: Love it Or Hate it?

Automaton Transfusion: Love it Or Hate it?

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A long time ago I saw a lot of good reviews for this flick.  Finally rented it and I thought it really sucked bad.  Couldn't wait for it to be over. Was such a teeny-bopper movie.  So predictable, ok gore factor but the plot wasn't followed through with properly.  Did anyone else hate this one or am I just CRAZY?

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I was like you, I heard the hype and was bitterly disapointed. There were some ok concepts but they were bookended by piles of turds. All these dipshit first time directors think zombie movies are cheap and easy to make but they forget that if the story sucks then then they might as well be making a porn, at least you expect crappy plotlines in a fuck movie. The worst part was the cliffhanger ending, like anyone wants to see a sequel to this peice of shit.

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