A few new suggestions

A few new suggestions

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There are a few movies I would like to see on Fearnet, one of them is called One Dark Night, it was a story by Stephen King. The other is Tenebra, supposedly it was banned in the US, and I really would like to see it because what is more inviting than forbidden fruit? Nothing is the answer here, I have been told that Tenebra is the best movie and I need to own it, but I can't buy it till I see it and decide if it is good, and none of the video stores carry it, please see if you can add these movies to the line up.Winktenebrae.jpegOne-Dark-Night.jpg

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Movies can't be banned in the US. Its unconstitutional.


Au Contraire. Movies CAN BE BANNED if the FCC decides that they break decency laws which not only control porn or nudity but also control violence. If a movie WAS violent enough, it could be given an X rating which would affect income and possibly cause it to fail. If the violence is extreme enough,or considered perverted, as in an Italian movie from the 80s called SALO:180 DAYS OF SODOM,which was banned, then it is banned. HOWEVER most foreign movies are B.S. like BATTLE ROYALE, no U.S. company feels the movie is worth distributing and so it doesnt make it here except maybe as a straight to dvd or something. The ban on SALO was lifted years back. It is not a horror movie but a kind of Euro S&M flick with a socialist bent and a moral of the story that you cant trust the rich, Im not a socialist but. . . . . you CANT. LOL.

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Hellfighter's right TheGirl...movies can...and have been banned in the U.S. from time to time.

But...and Hellfighter I'm sure you must agree...being an ex USMC Sergeant...at least there's one thing the Constitution protects...and that's our right to bear arms...

Perturbed Pistol Packing Primate

GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!  Who cares if I can't see some over the top horror or porn flick...As long as I can still shoot my annoying neighbor while in a drunken stupor, I'm happy.

Peace out yall!!!!

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I think that I am still right. I don't think movies are just solidly banned from the US. I think that there are varying levels of limitations that are placed on movies and other media and that is what you are referring to.


Ahhh, to be young again. AMEN, johbai, AMEN. . . . . . . and pass the ammunition. . . . I want that chimp on my squad !  errr, I mean the hairy little guy in the tee shirt. . . .

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you can rent these

 one dark night.jpgon netflixtenebre.jpg

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good news..Tenebre is no longer banned in the us!!!  i had it on my video shelf for rental maybe 2 yrs. ago. just watched it again a few months ago. netflix carries it also.

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