What's the Scariest experience you had in childhood?

What's the Scariest experience you had in childhood?

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My sisters took me to a run don falling down old house when I was 4 and said it was haunted then one yelled that she saw a gost they ran away and left me there balling my eyes out LOL.


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i think i was around 7, my brother & i were sitting on his bed playing a game when raisens started flying out of the wall & hitting us.


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i was about 12 and on the outskirts of my small yet thriving town is an abandoned cement plant and well got locked in overnight on accident some wood feel in front of the door so me and my cousins found out why its abandoned

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I was about 8 yrs. old when my parents bought and moved into the house that my great-grandparents had owned. My great-grandfather had died a few months earlier at the age of 101. The only room of the house that I felt safe in was my bedroom. However... every morning when I got up for school each day, something would chase me from the time I exited my bedroom. It would chase after me down the hall until I reached the bottom of the stairway to the first floor, at which point it just seemed to vanish. this thing looked like a white puff of smoke or fog... the classic ghost, although I never saw it head-on as I was too busy running from it. I can't begin to tell you how many times I acually fell down those stairs. One time I twisted my ankle so badly that I had to go to the doctor.

As I got older, the thing that chased me began to back off. It seemed that either it got tired of scaring me, or I was overcoming my fear of it. One evening, just as it was getting dark outside, I went upstairs to my bedroom and reached around the corner to switch on the light. Before my hand found the switch, someone laid their hand on my shoulder and a woman's voice called my name. Of course, I screamed and went running to my mother. I thought she's think I was crazy when I told her what happened, but instead she told me that my room was the same room that my great-grandmother had passed away in while my mother was pregnant with me, and that she kept telling my mother that she couldn't wait until I was born. She passed away in June and I was born in July. My mother thought that her spirit was protecting me and possibly wanted to tell me something.

Years later, when I was 16, we moved out of the house. After we had everything moved out, my father went back to the home to make sure that we hadn't missed anything. He checked the downstairs and went to the stairway to check the second floor. Glancing up the stairs, he saw a puff of smoke drift by the top of the landing, going from the side of the hallway where my bedroom had been to the rear of the house. He said he ran up the stairs and looked everywhere, thinking that there must be a fire. He found nothing. When he told my mother of this experience she reminded him of my experiences throughout the years. My father, the diehard skeptic, finally had to admit that he believed the house was haunted.

BTW... This is the reason I'm now a paranormal investigator.


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swimming lessons.



At the age of 7. A teenager was harrassing me and two young friends. We wouldnt listen and he became violent. He slashed my face and came again threatening to kill me. It scared the hell out of me and even though we turned to run, he pinned me to the wall and drew his hand back. I managed to pull out a pocketknife and buried it for a second in his wrist. He ran off crying. I was left there alone trying to make sense of what happened. Life in the big city. I learned a lot that day.


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When i went to camp we stayed in a teepee that had the shadow of a dead woman hanging in a tree casted upon it every night. Only problem was that there was nothing there to create the shadow.


We could see the noose. We could see  her pointy shoes. We could even see her wavy hair. But there was nothing there on the other side.


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it wasent scary when i was a child but thinking back its pretty creepy my greatgranfatherdied way before i was even bored but when i was a child i knew him talked to him i always thought he died after i was born that i wasent at the funeral but he died i year befor i was thought of he drunk whikey and told me stories now it's creepy cause i was talking to my dead grandfather still makes the hair on my arms stand up.and my sister is scary lol


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When i was 5yrs old we went to a haunted house. when we came home some one had broke into our home. the cops came look around said the didn't find any one. so i was sent to bed. once i got int my bed i heard sound come from under it like heavy breathing and rattleing. then all at once my bed flew up into the air . i hit the floor and my mattris was on top of me the dude broke out my window and jumped put of it. scared me so bad i pissed my self.


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My father...may he be resting in peace...telling my little brother and I that he...my father...would be divorcing my mother...



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