What's the Scariest experience you had in childhood?

What's the Scariest experience you had in childhood?

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we got to our new house and i was in the fourth grade. my room was in the basement where i found a dead bird on arrival. and every night i spent in that room i saw shadows in the dark, weird things started happening. people talking down the hall, things would come up missing then show up somewhere where they shouldnt be. we werent in that house for verry long,because of this.

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Off hand my scariest childhood experience happened at age 6. It was winter and I was wearing a hand knitted hat made by my gramma that had a big tassel on the top. We had a dog chained out back Iwalked past and the grabbed the tassel (did I mention it buttoned under my chin?) and dragged me through the run, nearly choking me to death, reminiscent of Final Destination 3, I don't remember how I got loose but I remember it today. Consequently, when my daughter was young, none of her hats fastenend like that.

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I was hiding from my grandfather one day and I got into one of those old iceboxes the kind that locks when you shut them, it was fun till I tried to get out I could hear my grandpa hollering for me but he couldn't hear me,I kicked that door from the inside and it rocked a couple of times but that door came open and I got the hell out of there. I never told him about that

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i was swimming in the ocean and went out a little too far and was trying to come back into shore when a huge wave came and pulled me under and the undertow kept pulling me further and further out. i just remember praying for God to give me enough strength to get me back to the shore and he did, but that was so scary because i almost drowned and i could swim very good.

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Playing with a wigi board and leaving to use the bathroom and returning to find the board on the floor and not on my bed and no one was in the house but me


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