Conquering FEAR (big letters)

Conquering FEAR (big letters)

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I have a few list below in conquering my own fear.

- Face them as soon as possible
- Not rely so much on specialists but Do It Yourself Methods

How about YOU? How do you conquer your fears? 


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honestly i havent conquered most my fears just too many of them lol but when i do i'll let you know



Depends on what you mean by fear. I presume you dont mean skydiving or bungee jumping. While people are afraid of certain things, they are technically for FUN. Rock climbing for example IS dangerous and can cost you your life but sometimes doing things like that is simply psychological. A guy who has no fear of heights might think anyone who doesnt climb is a wuss but he might be predisposed to the endeavor and say in battle, he might crap on himself. If you mean the scenarios that our favorite movies play out I would say its not about feeling fear. Its about controlling PANIC. You HAVE TO CONTROLL THE FEAR. Put it somewhere inside you and deal with the situation. Sometimes you just have to come to the conclusion, and stop fearing DEATH which is the root of most, not all of the fear. e.g. I would rather be dead than blind. Cant handle it, bless those that can. . . THEY are the tough guys/gals. And sometimes when the big bad guy is smiling cause he found you, all you can do is start a controlled fire in your heart and acknowledge the fact that the time has come to become a GLADIATOR and make that fucker pay whatever price you can make him/it pay for what he/she/it wants to do to you. And you may find yourself the victor. My personal motto is LIVE FREE OR DIE. And for me, it says it all. See you in VALHALLA.


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I have to agree with Hellfighter, its about controlling the panic. I get panic attacks sometimes if i have to drive somewhere i have never been, I don't know why, i was always adventurous as a kid and young adult, now for reasons unknown to me i started getting these attacks after being left alone, no family or friends in a new state and town with absolutely no one to call if i got into trouble.  Me and my dogs for months while the move was completed. the first attack was a total suprise and i couldn't figure out why i was shaking and vometing when asked to drive to another town to recieve a piece of equipment.  that was 5 years ago and i don't get them as often, but it is all about controling the panic, and i did it that day and continue to control my panic when i need to.

sometimes are harder than others but you just don't give in to it, you grab it by the balls and twist, and just do it.


Its funny you mention that babuh. Whenever Im far from home, I have to stop the urge to eat. Im not overweight, the problem I beilieve is a subconcious discomfort with being far from a comfort zone, away from "support" gear and people and so, like a camel with water, my body wants to constantly eat in case it has to go into survival mode. Again, something I control and something that bothers me that I feel. I guess a lot of people do. But like you, I spent many years, until a recent rebuilding of friends, in a solitary state. The human psyche is really something.

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I conquer my fears by just pushing myself to go forward and try new things.. but it's not fear that annoys me and I need to get over, it's my paranoia of something just being there in the dark, waiting when I try to sleep.


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the only fear i havnt yet conquered is my fear of hospitals. they just creep me out. everything else i dealt with by just dealing with them.


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 I have a very strange set of fears. Really weird. I am scared of strippers and lol, I actually was chased by one down a hotel hallway. Leatherface eat your heart out, the guy in the g string has a good chance of taking your role. But, luckly that's a weird little fear that I don't really have to be around.
 I'm also scared of driving. I guess it's because I have other people's lives in my hands. I got over that by driving more often, and realizing that I'm a better driver then the people who don't care and of couse better then the drunks.
 My other fear is death of my loved ones. I have dealt with that, and I just had to accept it. I guess it's important to accept your fears head on and to not let them rule you. So, I would say nothing rules my life anymore but myself.


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the best method of mine has been to space out from what is physically going on around me. it's kind of transindental

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i was afraid of heights so i would climb tall stuff and jump off. i was afraid of shots so i would ask marines to hold me down and make me watch.


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knowledge helps erradicate fears that are of the unknown.

logic calms irrational ones.

but clowns,doll,mannequins and marionettes all are still pure evil.



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