Burrowers....Critics Corner

Burrowers....Critics Corner

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Viewed "Burrowers" and "Blood Red Earth." Watchable. They had some of my favorite ingredients: Indian Gore-Lore; old west setting; hungry, relentless body snatchers; and victims buried alive. But it never seemed to take off. It just kind of went through the motions. Am I missing something?

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To be totally honest i loved them both. Didn't really matter whether they took off or not. Just my opinion.

Not that it really matters.....

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I liked the The Burrowers.  It was different enough to be interesting. I could be bias though because I also love westerns. I didn't see the other.






I just think modern computer familiar audiences no longer find fascination in tales of the old west no matter how twisted. We will see with JONAH HEX coming. I thought BURROWERS was a great flick. Well acted with good characters and story line and fearnet did a great job with their prequel, short story.

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I saw the short they had on here and loved it..then I was looking for a good flick to watch on videostic.com and saw The Burrowers and said that was what the short on Fearnet was based on..well it was worth the wait to see it..I thought both the short and the movie were great..so no criticizing from me just watch it for yourself..as always to each their own..on a scale of 1 to 10 these were both easy 8's for me...Peace..Joe


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the best part of this movie was the last 30 mins. thats were all the action was. to be fair i should let everyone know i hate westerns. so that alone made it boring.

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I'm not really a western fan, BUT I did like these movies a lot! The creatures were nasty, gross, ugly and stealth! AWESOME!

Now, I watched Blood Red Earth first since it was the prequel and I will admit I was scratching my head going, huh? That being said, after I watched the Burrowers I had a much better understanding of the other. So, rather than watch Blood Red Earth first, I think it should be watched after the Burrowers...sort of like dessert after the main course, lol!

Great movies though! I was entertained!Laughing

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Worst movie I seen on FEARnet in a long time.  Cowboy's and Indians with a wacked out army Col.  every attack form the Burrowers were pitch black.  You could not kill them olny the sun could, comeon.  They parilized them in the neck then bery them in the dirt untill they rot.  They shoulc of showed in more detail the eating of the flesh and guts that might of made it better....

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I liked it.  Had the element of suspense and an ironic ending.  Also, with all the lore, legend and recent history finds etc..........it could be believable.  Whole towns dissappeared way back when and some of the time, it was not conclusive that the indians were to blame.

After watching that film and The Gate a few times, I'll never look at a hole in the ground the same way.

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liked burrowers thought it was good ...didnt care for blood red earth as i was starting to get into it was over ... id liked it better if it was longer

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I agree iommi, there's a LOT of stuff that Fearnet puts out that's good but way too short. Pisses me off it does!!!




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