Burrowers....Critics Corner

Burrowers....Critics Corner

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Viewed "Burrowers" and "Blood Red Earth." Watchable. They had some of my favorite ingredients: Indian Gore-Lore; old west setting; hungry, relentless body snatchers; and victims buried alive. But it never seemed to take off. It just kind of went through the motions. Am I missing something?

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I haven't seen either. Dang, I thought I was up on my horror. I'll see if Netflix has em and add em.

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You should be able to see both right now on fearnet. I think they're fearnet originals anyway. Wink

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Oh. Cool deal. Thanks!!


BTW, if you have the Encore Movie channel, Creepshow 2 just came on. Love that movie,lol.

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I've only seen the Burrowers and was pleasantly surprised.  I'm not really a fan of westerns but it definitely held my attention.  He He He people buried alive is always interesting, and the film didn't leave many questions unanswered. I liked it, let my friend borrow it and she liked it too :)

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loved burrowers and i hated blood red earth it was a snore  fest


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