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The Bronx Warriors Trilogy

Shamelees Screen Entertainment teams up with Italian director Enzo.G.Castellari to bring you the ultimate version of Castellaris post apocalyptic masterpieces The Bronx Trilogy.A first time ever together collection of THE BRONX WARRRIOR,ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX and THE NEW BARBARIANS  in a 3 disc limited edition collectors tin.All in a newly restored anamorphic widescreen presententation.

Special Features Include:

The Bronx Warriors

      Remastered anamorphic widescreen presentation
      "Warriors, Barbarians and Basterds" – all-new 20-minute interview with Enzo G. Castellari and editor Gianfranco Amicucci
      Enzo G. Castellari's introduction of his films
      Shameless Fact Track by Paul Alaoui; original film trailers and alternate credits
      Collector's Gallery from archive materials

Escape from the Bronx

      New, restored, anamorphic widescreen version
      Shameless rebuild edit
      Shameless Fact Track by Paul Alaoui
      Alternative film trailers and credits
      20 Shameless trailers

The New Barbarians

      Anamorphic widescreen presentation
      Director Enzo G. Castellari's introduction of his films
      Shameless Fact Track by Paul Alaoui
      International trailer
      The Argent Trailer Park – Nuns, Cowboys and Heroes

Release Date:December 17th

Please note this an HMV exclusive and you can preorder it NOW

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Looks fun to be had by all!

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