Two movies, can't remember the names.

Two movies, can't remember the names.

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I'm pretty sure I saw both of them on FearNet, somewhere around 2 or 3 years ago. Here are my vague descriptions, hopefully they will trigger a name in someone's brain.


So the first one, it's mostly set in a really dirty apartment building in New York (I think). The guy ends up hallucinating, there's a guy who lives in the room upstairs who doesn't really exist or maybe he does. It was made between 1997 and 2007 probably. Uh... I think it had a one word title. Real helpful right? Unfortunately this is all I can remember. It was so good though.

The other one is like, this woman just gets released from a mental hospital for being schizophrenic so she stupidly goes to a farm house in a small town to "calm down and get back on her feet". But of course, the house is haunted when they get there and it turns out the whole town is ghosts who want to kill her. But, she sees the signs before anyone else who's with her does (maybe just her husband), so she doesn't want to say it right away? It was like, the idea of being crazy and hallucinating, and then actually seeing crazy shit, like, oh no! I'm actually not hallucinating at all! Scary idea. This was definitely made between... 1977 and 1984.

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no ideal if u could remember more maybe thats about 70 percent of horror movies what u just described, maybe....what did the ghost look like or i just need something with more detail

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i'm kinda thinking that the first one is cronenberg's film "spider"

trying to figure out the 2nd

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I checked out Spider and unfortunately that's not the one.


The problem with both of these is I can only remember like, flashes of scenes


Ok, the first one. It's definitely set in an apartment building, American characters. Everything else I can think of is just so vague it's frustrating. Like, I remember it being rainy, I remember seeing a really heavily boarded up door. An imaginary friend. The whole movie is set inside the apartment. I think there's actually a scene where there's a murder in the bottom floor apartment. Everything in the movie was very dirty. Very atmospheric


The second one, the ghosts were all just totally normal looking people. The main one is a woman who tries to seduce the main character's husband. There's a scene down by a river, the woman ghost "drowns" at one point. The woman main character is really interested by death, she might be into making rubbings of grave stones.

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no clue about movie 2, but is movie one "echo"?

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Movie 1 the mechanic??

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Is that the movie with Christian Bale?

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The second movie sounds like "Let's Scare Jessica to Death," except that was made in 1971. Other than that, the description matches.

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still haven't found the first one, it's not the mechanic.



The second one is Let's Scare Jessica to Death!!!! Thank you so much, I've been looking for that title for years!

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Could it be 'Fever' from director Alex Winter (aka Bill S. Preston Esquire)

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