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How far would you be willing to go to make sure that a crime you've committed remained a secret?


. . . What are your limits?Tongue out


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I really try to stay out of trouble, but if i happened to stumbled into something that i couldnt get out of i think i would lie cheat and steal to get out of it. never said that i was a noble person and would take the blame, even if i was guilty. sorry for the unlucky mofo to take the blame for what i did, but at least i am happy..

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A lot depends on the severity of, not only the crime you've committed, but the penalties said crime will send your way...1 years probation ain't that drastic. But life in prison would be a completely different ballgame. When you're sitting across the table from your attorney and he's talking life in prison to ya, you'll wish you covered that crime up "by any and all means necessary".  So, if you're not willing to go the distance, I suggest you keep your ass outta trouble and leave the real horror to the professionals....peace-zz

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