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Well, contrary to popular opinion, I've been a Metallica fan since 1984. I still think thery're great and love Death Magnetic.

I even love St.Anger. Have they changed? Sure. It's not 1981 anymore and they are older, but they still rock hard as hell.I saw them in Jan. of 09 and that was one of the best shows I've ever been to.

Nothing wrong with people getting older, look at Motorhead.


Metallica is still playing as hard as they did on Master. I admit, the way they went on Anger threw some folks, but that was a healing time for Hetfield.

There as good now as they ever have been.

Now, hate away. lol.

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i do know that the older albums...  like kill em  all are still there best music 

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I love the old stuff, like I said, I became a fan when Ride The Lightning came out.

But I like the newer stuff too. Death Magnetic is every bit as good as Master to me, but then again, I'm kind of biasedWink

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METALLICA RULZ. Been a huge fan since both of my brothers let me listen to MASTER OF PUPPETS. From then on I was hooked. Huge fan of their old and new stuff. Cool



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Awesome HF!! And rock on littleboo!! I'm right there with ya!

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I've been buying their stuff for years..not for me but for Cee..she's always been one of their fans..the only time I was pissed about the money I spent was with the St Anger really wasn't worth MY money..she let me listen to it and I wanted to know who it was..and I don't care if Hetfield was going through a tough spot either..I wasted MY money on it...If it was Cee's money I would have said Live and Let Live...not to be a hypocrate or anything..well enough..I did hear some of the new stuff that came out awhile ago..It was pretty good from what I heard...I'd rather listen to Rose Tattoo..or...Jimi Hendrix...but hey to each their own...Peace..Joe

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St. Anger is a good record, hut it has to grow on you. The raw production and lack of solos make it sound like a garage band is playing, but if you listen to the music and lyrics, there is some deep stuff there.

I like it, of course I like Deth Magnetic and others more, but for what it was at the time, a band that was almost over, I like it.


I like classic stuff too. Stevie Ray Vaughn is one of my favorite giutarists. Robert Cray as well. But James Het field is my favorotie rythm player ever. The man is bad ass on a guitar.

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